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How much does it cost to replace a blower motor switch?

A replacement blower motor switch has an average cost of $183, with $90 for parts and $92 for labor costs. Your own replacement costs will depend on the type of vehicle you drive. for labor costs. Your total cost depends on your vehicle and labor costs near you.
How long does it take to replace an HVAC blower motor switch? Generally, a certified mechanic can replace the switch in about 0.8 hours hours. This includes the time it takes to do a quick inspection of the HVAC system and make a diagnosis.
Take a look at blower motor switch replacement costs for different vehicles:
Estimate DateCustomerCarFair Cost EstimateParts CostLabor CostLabor Time
May 26, 2024
Volvo C30
1.4 Hours
May 26, 2024
Porsche 911
1.4 Hours
May 24, 2024
Acura ILX
1.4 Hours
May 22, 2024
Kia Optima
1.4 Hours
May 18, 2024
Nissan Pathfinder
1.4 Hours

How did we estimate these prices?

Jerry's experts researched and collected data from 2500+ real repair shops in all 50 states in the US, including everything from the total cost of repair services to the hourly labor cost for mechanic labor in each shop. We combined that data with our expert database of hundreds of real repair jobs, thousands of real cars, millions of real car part prices in order to best estimate the cost of each repair service. Our labor cost estimate is calculated by taking the average hourly labor rate for a certified mechanic in the US, times the number of hours it takes on average to complete a repair. We recommend you compare your local shops with Jerry and contact those shops directly to get final pricing for your vehicle.

What parts do I need for my blower motor switch replacement and how much do those parts cost?

You don’t need many complicated parts to do the replacement. Here’s all that you need:
  1. New blower motor switch: The switch allows you to turn on and control the climate system in your car. Depending on your vehicle, the switch may look like a plug, and it may or may not come with a replacement knob. A new switch costs between $20 to $50.
In addition to the replacement switch, get out these tools:
  • Allen wrenches
  • Deep-well socket set
  • Plastic trim panel tool
  • Open-end wrench
  • Screwdriver set
  • Owner’s manual
Some popular blower motor switch brands include ACDelco, Standard Motor Products (SMP) and Four Seasons. You can purchase blower motor switches from local auto parts stores such as Autozone and Advance Auto Parts, or online from retailers like Amazon or RockAuto.
If you’re getting the work done at a dealership service center, they’ll use OEM parts. If you’re doing the repair yourself, spring for OEM parts to ensure the parts fit your vehicle exactly and that you don’t risk voiding your car’s warranty. You can use aftermarket parts if OEM replacement parts are out of your price range, but check that the part number matches your vehicle’s switch.
Some popular blower motor switch brands include ACDelco, Standard Motor Products (SMP) and Four Seasons. Shop at local auto body shops or auto part stores like Advanced Auto or AutoZone. They can special order parts for you if they don’t have the part number you need. If you prefer to shop online, order from an auto part website like RockAuto or from Amazon.

Where can I get my blower motor switch replaced?

When you’re ready to service your vehicle, make an appointment at your auto repair shop. If you don’t have a reliable mechanic, Jerry's
is here to help! Download the Jerry app to compare fair price estimates from over 2,500 vetted repair shops in the US. 
You’ll get access to each shop’s real hourly labor rates and see what’s included in the service cost estimates. Plus, you can read real reviews from customers so that you can choose an auto repair shop that’s right for you.
Take a look at some of our vetted shops below and download the app to compare repair services near you.
118 Reviews
Laurel Heights Automotive
9109 E Gregory Blvd #6407, Independence, MO
Blower Motor Switch Replacement Cost
Fair Cost Estimate for This Shop
(Parts - $149, Labor - $131)
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)
154 Reviews
61 Auto Center
1226 Centre Ave, Reading, PA
Blower Motor Switch Replacement Cost
Fair Cost Estimate for This Shop
(Parts - $149, Labor - $58)
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)
174 Reviews
Yoo's Auto Service & Collision
189 W Duncannon Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Blower Motor Switch Replacement Cost
Fair Cost Estimate for This Shop
(Parts - $149, Labor - $98)
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)
180 Reviews
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care - Atlantic Ave
2916 Atlantic Ave, Jersey City, NJ
Blower Motor Switch Replacement Cost
Fair Cost Estimate for This Shop
(Parts - $149, Labor - $145)
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)

How did we vet these shops?

Jerry experts researched 2500+ real repair shops across the US. We talked to real shop customers, and analyzed both real shop pricing data and thousands of real customer reviews from each shop to verify them individually. We do not partner with the shops listed above, and our analysis is always unbiased.

How will a mechanic replace my blower motor switch?

The good news is that replacing the switch is a fairly simple swap. If you’re getting your car serviced, the mechanic will already have disassembled part of the HVAC system in order to diagnose the faulty switch. To complete the replacement, here are the steps they’ll take:
  1. Disconnect the battery: The mechanic will put on safety glasses and disconnect the car’s battery at the negative cable as a safety precaution.
  2. Remove the knob: Usually, the mechanic can simply pull off the knob, but there are sometimes screws they’ll have to remove first.
  3. Disconnect the blower motor switch: At this point, the mechanic can access the switch by removing some of the trim.
  4. Remove the bad switch: The mechanic will pinch the tabs holding the switch’s wires in place in order to pull out the old switch.
  5. Install a new blower motor switch: Next, they will push the wire component of the switch into the empty slot.
  6. Reattach the trim panel and test the system: The mechanic finishes by reassembling the trim and pushing the knob back. They’ll test the system by reconnecting the battery and running the motor. 
Note that if your car has a fully automatic climate control system, the mechanic might need to replace the whole control unit instead of the single switch.

What happens if I don’t replace my blower motor switch?

You can keep driving without a working HVAC system, but it can be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous. Not only will you not be able to use the AC, but the heating system might not work when it’s cold out. Plus, you may not be able to defrost your car’s windows if they fog up.

What is a blower motor switch?

The blower motor switch is a switch that lets you control your car’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Here’s how it works. The blower motor forces hot or cold air from the heater core or air conditioning into the passenger cabin. 
You control the temperature and airflow by adjusting the blower motor switch. Most switches are labeled with numbers and symbols so that you can set a comfortable temperature inside the cabin.

How do I know if my blower motor switch is bad?

If the heating and cooling in your car act up, even a little, there’s probably something wrong. Here are the most common signs of a bad blower motor switch:
  • The heating or air conditioning doesn’t work
  • The heating or AC works sometimes, but not always
  • The switch only works on certain settings
  • The switch is stuck on one setting
  • The switch is cracked or broken
Keep in mind: Sometimes, it’s obvious that the switch is bad, while other times, a mechanic will need to inspect the HVAC system to determine if the switch needs to be replaced.

How often should a blower motor switch be replaced?

In theory, the switch should last the vehicle’s lifetime. But, the switches are used so much that they frequently wear out. Plan on replacing a blower motor switch when it starts performing erratically.
Keep in mind that the blower motor switch is not inspected as part of a routine maintenance checkup. If you think the switch is bad, make an appointment to get it inspected.

Can I replace my blower motor switch myself?

This is a job best left to the professionals unless you have extensive DIY skills in electrical and computerized systems. It’s essential that a technician makes the diagnosis so you don’t damage the car’s circuitry (or break off your dashboard’s trim when replacing the part).


Since the switches are usually made of plastic, and they get constant use throughout the year, the blower motor switches can wear out over time.

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