The Best Temecula, CA Car Insurance (May 2024)

Car insurance is fairly affordable in Temecula, with Mercury, Allstate, and Fiesta standing out as the cheapest providers.
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Kianna Walpole
Expert Insurance Writer & Editor
Reviewed by Josh Damico, Vice President Insurance Operations
Edited by Sarah Gray, Licensed Insurance Agent — Expert Insurance Writer and Editor
The heart of Riverside County’s wine country, Temecula is one of the most popular resort towns in
. But it’s also home to over 100,000 year-round residents, who contend with the steep costs of car ownership in Southern California. 
Luckily, Temecula enjoys a lower cost of living than the rest of the Golden State, and
auto insurance
is no exception. In
study of car insurance rates in Temecula, we discovered that residents can get basic insurance coverage starting as low as $30 a month. 
Ready to explore the world of Temecula car insurance? Let’s get started. 

Temecula Car Insurance: Quick Facts

  • Average cost of full coverage insurance: $118/month
  • Average cost of state minimum insurance: $42/month
  • Average number of cars per household: 2 cars
  • Average savings with Jerry: $600/year

How much does car insurance cost in Temecula, CA?

On average, Temecula residents pay around $180 per month for
full coverage car insurance
—which is less than the
state average
. Liability-only state minimum coverage also comes in below average at $68 per month. 
Coverage type
United States
Full coverage
Minimum coverage
average rates
only show part of the picture. Every driver is eligible for different insurance quotes based on factors like age, gender, driving experience, vehicle, and insurance history. 
app screenshot
The Jerry app quickly compares real insurance quotes at four different levels of coverage from trusted insurers in your area.
If you own your home in Temecula, you can even search for bundled car and home insurance quotes for an extra savings of 10%.

Find the best car insurance companies in Temecula, CA

No single insurance company offers the best rates for every driver in Temecula—but data we analyzed from real Temecula insurance quotes showed some patterns. 
  • For full coverage, Mercury Insurance is the cheapest option for most drivers. 
  • For state minimum coverage, Allstate had the lowest average rates. 

The cheapest car insurance companies in Temecula for full coverage

Insurance company
Average annual cost of full coverage
Direct Auto

The cheapest car insurance companies in Temecula for state minimum coverage

Insurance company
Average annual cost of minimum coverage
Direct Auto

Estimate your Temecula car insurance costs

Car insurance rates are highly personalized, and every insurance company uses
a different set of calculations
to set rates. The result: tons of Temecula drivers overpay for car insurance, without even realizing it. 
To help you predict your own costs, the tables below show some of the most important factors impacting the cost of car insurance for individual drivers in Temecula. 
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Young drivers pay the highest rates

Teen drivers
and young adults tend to see higher average car insurance premiums in Temecula than older drivers. 
Average Cost Of Full Coverage Car Insurance In Temecula CA by age
That’s because drivers under age 25 have a significantly higher risk of accidents and violations—especially serious ones. Drivers aged 16-19 are a particularly high-risk category, with a fatal crash rate nearly three times higher than older drivers. 1
If your policy needs to cover younger drivers, look for a provider that’s more lenient with teens and young adults. The five insurance companies listed below provided average rates for drivers aged 18-21 that were significantly lower than the overall average for that age group. 
Insurance company
Average annual cost of full coverage
Average (all providers)

Your driving record could raise your rates

clean driving record
is the best way to maintain affordable insurance in Temecula—but most drivers will see at least one ticket and one to three accidents in their lifetime. 
If you’ve got a recent accident or violation, look for an insurance company that offers better rates for drivers who don’t have a perfect driving record.
tops our list of insurers who offer a fair playing field, with just a 1% increase for drivers with violations compared to drivers without any marks against them. 
Insurance company
Average annual cost of full coverage with violations
Rate increase vs. clear record
Mercury Auto

EVs cost more to insure

Electric cars
are popular in Temecula—but owning one could raise your car insurance costs. 
That’s because EVs cost more to repair and replace thanks to high-priced EV technology, which requires special parts and specialized technicians. But as EVs become more popular and more gas-powered cars adopt cutting-edge tech, the insurance pricing gap between the EV and the traditional car is closing. 2
See for yourself: The table below compares average full coverage insurance rates for California’s most popular models, from the Tesla Model Y to the humble Toyota Corolla. 
Average annual cost of full coverage
To keep your insurance costs low, opt for lightly used cars and compact SUVs when shopping for a new vehicle. Insurance companies offer the lowest rates to owners of smaller SUVs with strong safety ratings and a low overall value. 

Why is car insurance so expensive in Temecula?

Two main factors contribute to higher car insurance rates in Temecula: tourism and traffic. 
Tourism is on the rise in the valley, with 3.2 million visitors passing through in 2022 alone—a whopping 28% increase from the previous year. 3 An increase in tourism means an increase in traffic, which is exactly what Temecula saw in the past year. 
The table below compares average daily traffic (ADT) volumes on some of Temecula’s busiest roads in 2020 and 2021 (the most recent data available from the City of Temecula). 4
2020 ADT
2021 ADT
Butterfield Stage Road north of La Serena Way
Margarita Road south of Winchester Rd
Pechanga Parkway south of Rainbow Canyon Rd
Rancho California Road west of Ynez Rd
Temecula Parkway east of Bedford Ct
Winchester Road west of Ynez Rd
Traffic has become such a significant problem in Temecula that the California Department of Transportation recently awarded the city a grant of almost $3.4 million through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) for traffic safety improvements to deal with the increased volume of drivers hitting local roads. 5 HSIP money will be used for crosswalk improvements, traffic signal upgrades, and other infrastructure improvements citywide to reduce the risk of accidents. 
In the meantime, heavy traffic may contribute to high insurance rates in Temecula, especially if you live near one of the busy areas in the table above.  

Temecula vs. neighboring cities

Full coverage
Minimum coverage

Auto insurance requirements for Temecula, CA

Most drivers in Temecula need a full coverage policy with uninsured motorist coverage and other coverage options—but every driver’s needs are a little different. 
The bare minimum cheap car insurance you can purchase in Temecula is state minimum liability coverage, which includes: 
California insurance law
does not permit the sale of any auto insurance policy with less than that minimum coverage. In addition, every California insurance policy includes uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage by default unless you choose to waive the coverage. 
Low liability limits leave you exposed to serious financial and legal risks if you’re in a serious accident. With only $30,000 of bodily injury liability per accident, you could be sued and lose your assets and future earnings if you cause a serious injury through any type of negligence. 
Instead, raise your liability limits to $50k/$100k/$50k or $100k/$300k/$100k and add at least comprehensive and collision coverage to your policy. The list below goes over common insurance products worth considering in Temecula: 
  • Collision coverage:
    Covers damage to your vehicle from a collision or single-car accident, such as hitting a lamp post or pothole. 
  • Comprehensive coverage:
    Covers damage to your vehicle from fire, flood, auto theft, vandalism, animals, falling objects, and other non-collision threats. 
  • Uninsured motorist coverage:
    Covers medical bills and vehicle repairs if you’re struck by an at-fault driver without liability insurance 
  • Underinsured motorist coverage: Covers medical bills if you’re struck by an at-fault driver whose liability limits won’t cover all of your costs. 
  • Medical payments (MedPay) coverage:
    Covers medical bills for you, your family, and your passengers regardless of fault. 
  • Rental reimbursement:
    Offsets the cost of a rental vehicle if your covered vehicle is in the shop following a covered loss. 
  • Roadside assistance:
    Available as an insurance add-on known as “towing and labor coverage.” 
A full coverage car insurance policy costs more, but you can reduce your expenses by bundling your auto policy with a homeowners or renters insurance policy, raising the deductibles on your comprehensive and collision coverage, or opting for paperless billing. 


How much is car insurance in Temecula CA?

Car insurance in Temecula, CA costs an average of $118 per month. That’s higher than average rates in neighboring cities like San Diego, but lower than the California average.

Who is known for the cheapest car insurance? 

GEICO and State Farm are often known for offering the cheapest car insurance, but they’re not necessarily the best option for Temecula drivers. In fact, both GEICO and State Farm have raised their rates significantly in California and even pulled back from writing new auto insurance policies in the state. 
In this rapidly changing market, it’s best to compare rates from multiple companies to find the cheapest rate for your profile. 

What are the top-rated car insurance companies in Temecula, CA?

Clearcover and National General both received top marks from drivers we surveyed in Temecula, CA, with five-star ratings for affordability and service. 

Which companies offer the best car insurance rates in Temecula, CA?

Mercury, Fiesta, Allstate, Clearcover, and Nationwide consistently offer the cheapest auto insurance rates in Temecula—but your profile may affect the quotes you’re eligible for, and another company might turn out to be a better fit. Always compare rates before purchasing an insurance policy.

How does the Jerry app work?

Jerry is a licensed insurance broker with a mobile app that offers free quotes for auto, renters, and homeowners insurance. You can get quotes from insurance companies in your area who partner with Jerry just by downloading the app and creating a profile. All of Jerry’s quotes are backed and serviced by licensed insurance agents. 
In addition to insurance services, Jerry offers auto loan refinancing, car maintenance reminders and a safe driving program that could help you qualify for a discount from your insurer. 


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