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Compare quotes for Lincoln car insurance cost, 2023

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The average cost of Lincoln car insurance is $2,456 per year. The cost of your Lincoln’s insurance, though, will vary based on your model, driving record, and location—as well as the insurance company you choose.
There will never be a single insurance provider that has the best prices for every Lincoln owner. Someone driving a brand-new Lincoln Aviator with multiple speeding violations will have different coverage—and pricing quotes—than someone driving a used 1989 Lincoln Town Car with a clean driving record. This might make finding cheap auto insurance for your Lincoln challenging.
Fortunately, Jerry is here to do all of the heavy lifting. The Jerry app, a licensed broker that provides end-to-end support, gathers affordable quotes, assists you in switching plans, and can even help you cancel an old policy. Here, we'll go through everything that factors into Lincoln insurance rates and give you some pointers on how to find the best deals.

How much does Lincoln car insurance cost?

The average yearly cost of Lincoln car insurance is $2,456. However, the cost of Lincoln insurance varies based on your model, as well as your driving history, coverage requirements, and location.
As Lincoln is a luxury make, Lincoln insurance is often on the pricier side. Rates are higher than other Ford lines, but lower than for most other luxury brands.
This is due in part to the higher price of parts for Lincoln vehicles, making repairs and replacements more expensive. But with an abundance of safety features on their vehicles, Lincoln drivers may find lower premiums thanks to a reduced likelihood of filing a claim.
The simplest method to ensure you're getting the greatest bargain on Lincoln insurance is to compare quotes from various providers—which is where Jerry comes in.
Jerry can compare insurance quotes from dozens of top insurance companies in less than a minute, guaranteeing you find the greatest coverage and lowest costs without the usual hassles.
If you want to see what Lincoln insurance rates Jerry has to offer, check out the table below and hear from real Jerry customers!
Quote DateCar
Before Jerry
After Jerry
LocationZip CodeNameAgeInsurance Company
February 20, 2023Lincoln Continental$88/mo.$60/mo.Farmington, NM87402Ralph J.48Progressive
February 12, 2022Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited$70/mo.$63/mo.Pauls Valley, OK73075Elijah W.52Safeco
January 4, 2022Lincoln Mkt$269/mo.$135/mo.Elkins Park, PA19027Irene F.35AAA
December 3, 2021Lincoln Nautilus Reserve$250/mo.$212/mo.Garland, TX75040Jim M.32Mercury
July 16, 2021Lincoln MKZ Hybrid$175/mo.$112/mo.Clarksville, TN37040Gregory M.53Progressive

How much insurance do you need for a Lincoln?

The insurance requirements of each driver depend on several factors, including your Lincoln's age and the state where it’s registered.
At the absolute least, you should get your state's minimum required auto insurance, which usually includes liability coverage (both bodily injury liability and property damage liability). If you are at fault in an accident, this coverage ensures that you’ll have coverage for the other driver's costs.
However, depending on your state, you may be required to get one or more of the following additional coverages:
If you fulfill your state's minimum standards, you are legally protected, but you may not have all of the coverage you’ll actually need in the case of a major collision. 
That’s why it's usually a good idea to have collision and comprehensive coverage in the form of a "full-coverage car insurance policy."
Collision coverage, as the name suggests, covers the costs of colliding with another vehicle or object. 
Comprehensive coverage, on the other hand, pays for damages caused by events other than collisions, such as harsh weather, theft, or vandalism. 
You may need “full coverage" insurance alongside gap insurance per your lender’s request to cover the difference in the value of your car and the amount still outstanding on the loan.

Lincoln car insurance rates by model

The model you drive has a significant impact on the cost of your Lincoln insurance. In general, smaller and less pricey models, such as the Corsair Reserve, will cost less to insure than bigger or more expensive cars, such as the Navigator L.
However, there’s much more to it than just that! Let's take a look at the typical annual rates for some of the most popular Lincoln models to see how your car insurance may be impacted.

How much does Lincoln Navigator L insurance cost?

By luxury SUV standards, the Lincoln Navigator is a fantastic pick, with a spacious cabin, lush styling, and powerful curb appeal—but some of the highest Lincoln insurance premiums, thanks to its large size and multitude of expensive upgrades.
In the table below, you can see how the average premiums for Navigator L drivers change depending on the type of coverage and how old the car is.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2018 Lincoln Navigator L$2,058$3,452
2017 Lincoln Navigator L$1,965$1,800
2016 Lincoln Navigator L$2,346$1,936
2015 Lincoln Navigator L$1,207$997
2014 Lincoln Navigator L$4,108$1,694
Learn more about Lincoln Navigator L insurance rates by reading our comprehensive guide to the model.

How much does Lincoln MKZ insurance cost?

The fastest Lincoln ever made, the MKZ has a turbocharged engine and the ability to go from 0-60 in 5 seconds flat. 
As one of the brand’s most performance-oriented vehicles, the heightened risk associated with driving such a speedy car might result in higher insurance premiums.
Need to get an idea of MKZ insurance costs? Check the following table to see how the cost of full versus minimum coverage varies throughout the various MKZ model years.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2018 Lincoln Mkz$2,058$3,452
2017 Lincoln Mkz$1,965$1,800
2016 Lincoln Mkz$2,346$1,936
2015 Lincoln Mkz$1,207$997
2014 Lincoln Mkz$4,108$1,694
Learn more about Lincoln MKZ car insurance rates by reading our comprehensive guide!

How much does Lincoln Aviator insurance cost?

With a stylish exterior, comfortable cabin, and strong powertrains, the Lincoln Aviator offers virtually the same luxury experience as its larger counterparts but in a smaller, more manageable package. 
It’s one of Lincoln’s top-selling models, having returned to the lineup in 2020, and is now even offered as a plug-in hybrid.
Take a look at some of the average rates for Aviator models and how coverage levels impact these prices:
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2018 Lincoln Aviator$2,058$3,452
2017 Lincoln Aviator$1,965$1,800
2016 Lincoln Aviator$2,346$1,936
2015 Lincoln Aviator$1,207$997
2014 Lincoln Aviator$4,108$1,694
Learn more about Lincoln Aviator car insurance rates by reading our guide to the model.

How much does Lincoln Zephyr insurance cost?

Last released in 2006, the Lincoln Zephyr combined the brand’s traditional luxury with a modern, capable driving experience. Due to high safety ratings and affordable pricing, Zephyr owners pay some of the lowest rates for Lincoln insurance
However, you may pay more to insure your Zephyr depending on your age, driving record, and coverage choices.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2018 Lincoln Zephyr$2,058$3,452
2017 Lincoln Zephyr$1,965$1,800
2016 Lincoln Zephyr$2,346$1,936
2015 Lincoln Zephyr$1,207$997
2014 Lincoln Zephyr$4,108$1,694
Learn more about Lincoln Zephyr car insurance rates by reading our comprehensive guide!

How much does Lincoln MKT insurance cost?

The wagon-like styling of the Lincoln MKT helps it to stand out from other typical large minivans and SUVs, making for a spacious and comfortable ride. However, it also ranks on the lower end for reliability out of the Lincoln lineup, with high ownership costs to match.
These factors usually mean higher insurance rates. Here's a breakdown of insurance costs for Lincoln MKT drivers:
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2018 Lincoln Mkt$2,058$3,452
2017 Lincoln Mkt$1,965$1,800
2016 Lincoln Mkt$2,346$1,936
2015 Lincoln Mkt$1,207$997
2014 Lincoln Mkt$4,108$1,694
Learn more about Lincoln MKT car insurance rates by reading our comprehensive guide!

Compare Lincoln car insurance quotes

Even with all of the information available to help you get cheap car insurance quotes, there's no guarantee you'll find ones tailored to you and your exact vehicle unless you use a comparison shopping tool.
Comparing quotes can take a lot of time and be pretty frustrating, especially if you try to contact each provider yourself—this is where Jerry can help! It only takes around 45 seconds to get competitive rates from many of the nation's best auto insurance companies.
Don't take the first quote you get from a Lincoln dealer. Instead, spend a few minutes with Jerry looking for the greatest prices on the insurance coverage that suits your car.

Best car insurance companies for your Lincoln

Lincoln owners may get some of the cheapest pricing from companies like National General, State Auto, and Progressive, but no one company can provide the lowest insurance rates across the board.
This is because each car insurance provider uses a different algorithm to establish its rates. One provider may place a higher value on extra safety features, while another may offer discounts based on your driving history, leading to lower premiums.
Luckily, Jerry can quickly compare quotes from dozens of top insurance companies, making it easier than ever to choose the right insurance provider for you and your Lincoln.
Compare the quotes from several insurers for Lincoln cars to see how much you may save by using Jerry!
Insurance Company
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
National General$3,320$1,422
State Auto$2,705$875
Compare Prices

Lincoln auto insurance cost by driving record

Lincoln insurance costs are affected not just by the model you have but also by your driving history.
It's simple: if you drive responsibly, your insurance rates will be lower
Even minor offenses can result in significant increases in your insurance rates.  Lincoln drivers convicted of DUI may expect to pay an additional $2,456 for auto insurance each year, whereas a speeding ticket can add an extra $2,456 to your annual rates!
Check out the table below to see how a clean driving record can majorly affect your Lincoln insurance rate:

Lincoln car insurance cost by location

Finally, you'll need to consider your location. Because insurance rates fluctuate depending on the car and where you live, Lincoln owners in Texas will pay different rates than Lincoln owners in Minnesota.
Want to see how your rates compare to the national average? Check out the table below.
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Du Quoin$7,200$2,499
San Antonio$2,454$882
Shaker Heights$1,400$290
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