Chrysler Payments: What You Need to Know

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Chrysler Capital allows customers to make their payments online, by phone, by mail, or in person with a credit card via a third-party service such as MoneyGram or Western Union.
If you’re scratching your head about how to make a payment for your Chrysler vehicle—scratch no more. We here at Jerry will walk you through all the ways you can make your payment for your prized Chrysler. If you don’t own a Chrysler but you’re thinking of leasing one or taking out a Chrysler
car loan
, we’ll help you estimate the average monthly cost you can expect for Chrysler’s best-selling 2022 models. 

How to pay your Chrysler car bill

Chrysler gives you plenty of options to make your car payment, so it should be easy to choose a choice that’s convenient for you. These options include paying online, by phone, by mail, or through a third party service.


To make your Chrysler payment quickly, securely, and for free,
sign up for Auto Pay (ACH)
. After signing up, you’ll need to
log in to your MyAccount
, and enter your checking or savings account information to take advantage of this easy and free option to make your Chrysler payment.
If you want to pay online by using your debit card, you can do so via the ACI Pay Money Transfer service. A $2.75 fee will apply when using ACI Pay Money Transfer service.

By phone

If you want to make your Chrysler payment by phone, you can call Chrysler’s automated system at 855-563-5635. You’ll need to have your checking or savings account information and your Chrysler account number handy in order to make your payment for free with the automated phone system. 
There is a $3.75 fee to use your debit card to pay by phone. You can choose to have a live agent help you make a debit card payment, but it will cost $10.95 for the privilege.

By mail

It might not be the easiest or the fastest option, but if you prefer handling your bills the old-fashioned way, you’re covered—you can still make your Chrysler payment by mail.  
You can pay with a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check—just send it via regular mail. Make checks payable to Chrysler Capital and send payment on the pay stub that is attached to your monthly statement. Here’s where to send your payment by mail:
Payment type
Mailing address
Retail (regular)
Chrysler Capital-Retail
P.O. Box 660335
Dallas, TX 75266-0335
Lease (regular)
Chrysler Capital-Lease
P.O. Box 660647
Dallas, TX 75266-0647
Retail or Lease via overnight mail, certified mail or next day air
Chrysler Capital
3000 Kellway Drive, Suite 120
Carrollton, TX 75006
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In person

If you want to make your payment to Chrysler in person, you won’t be able to do so in a dealership—you’ll have to use a third party service such as MoneyGram or Western Union. You’ll also have to pay a fee if you use a third party service to make your Chrysler payment.
If you go to a Western Union location, you’ll need the following information in order to make your payment:
  • City Code: CHRYSLERCAP
  • State Code: TX
  • Your Chrysler account number
If you pay via Western Union, be sure to call Chrysler Capital at 855-563-5635 with your reference number or master transfer control number after you’ve completed payment
You can also make a payment to Chrysler in person at a MoneyGram location, often located within a Walmart or a CVS Pharmacy. To find the nearest MoneyGram location to you (there are more than 33,000 nationwide), call 800-MONEYGRAM. Here’s the information you’ll need to make your Chrysler payment using MoneyGram:
  • Receive Code: 1192
  • Account Number: Your Chrysler Capital account number
  • Company Name: Chrysler Capital
  • City/State: Dallas, TX

Can I make my Chrysler payments with a credit card?

You can only make Chrysler payments with a credit card via a third party service.

Is there a grace period for Chrysler car payments?

Unfortunately, there is no grace period for making late Chrysler car payments. If you don’t make your payment by the due date, you’ll be subject to daily interest charges.
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How much are Chrysler payments?

Just because Chrysler vehicles are Made In USA doesn’t mean they’re cheap. While both the Chrysler Pacifica minivan and the Chrysler 300 sedan have moderately priced base trim models, the price goes up significantly when looking at fancier versions of either vehicle. Starting prices for the average new Chrysler vehicle starts at $35,140 for the
Chrysler 300
sedan and go all the way up to $61,590 for the
Chrysler Pacifica
Hybrid Pinnacle.
Take a look at the table below for the price information and average loan payments for Chrysler’s best sellers. The figures below are based on the base trim prices, a 10% down payment, a lease term of 72 months, and an estimated interest rate of 4.90% (this is the average rate for new car buyers with credit scores between 661 and 780). That said, the interest rate you pay will depend on your own individual profile and credit rating.
MSRP range
Average monthly payment
2023 Chrysler 300
$35,140 - $56,595
2023 Chrysler Pacifica
$38,615 - $55,580
2023 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
$52,090 – $61,590
The above figures are just estimates—your exact payment amount will depend on, well, you! How much you’ll actually pay will depend on factors such as your vehicle’s sale price, the size of your down payment, your credit score,
trade-in value
, the loan's term, and any incentives. As an example—a
72 month loan term
will have a lower monthly payment than an 84 month term. Also, be aware that used cars usually come with higher APRs than new vehicles do.
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The lowest credit score that Chrysler will finance is 640 for a lease or car loan.
Your credit score will be the primary driver in terms of how low an interest rate you’ll qualify for, but Chrysler does offer rates as low as 0%. That said, you’ll need to have excellent credit in order to qualify for such a low rate.
The best Chrysler car will ultimately depend on you, but Chrysler only offers three models at the moment—the powerful Chrysler 300 sedan, the practical and tech-loaded Pacifica minivan, or the ultra-efficient Pacifica plug-in hybrid minivan.
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger.
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