Expert Advice for Uninsured Motorist Protection

All Questions on Uninsured Motorist Protection

How do you check if a car has insurance?
I was in an accident yesterday, but the other driver and I didn’t exchange information. How do I check to see if they have car insurance?
Will Baldwin
Feb 17, 2022
What happens if a stolen car hits you?
I was hit from the side at a traffic light and when the driver pulled over, he exited the car and took off running! It turns out the car that hit me was stolen—what happens now?
Mary Cahill
Feb 25, 2022
Do you have to pay your deductible before your insurance pays out for any claims?
My car was hit by an uninsured driver. I have to submit a claim for damage done to my vehicle. I have uninsured motorist coverage, but do I still need to pay my collision deductible?
Emily Maracle
Sep 09, 2021
How do I check car insurance policy details?
I was watching the news and saw that where I live, 15% of the drivers are uninsured. How do I check my car insurance policy to see if I’m protected against an uninsured driver?
Lauren Smith
Nov 10, 2021
What do you do if you're involved in a vehicle collision and the other driver doesn't have insurance?
I got into an accident recently and it turns out the other driver is uninsured. What am I supposed to do in this situation?
Jessica Bartolucci
Jul 27, 2021
Who pays for damage caused by a stolen car?
I was sideswiped by a speeding car that evaded the scene after the collision. I was informed by police that the driver was apprehended and it was discovered that the car that hit me was stolen—who pays for the damage?
Mary Cahill
Feb 25, 2022
Will my insurance cover me if my car is parked in front of my house facing the wrong direction?
I usually park my car in front of my house facing the wrong direction, so the cars on my street drive towards the front bumper. If my car gets hit in the front, will my insurance still cover me?
Joshua Levy
Dec 13, 2021
What are the consequences for driving without insurance?
If you're caught driving without car insurance, what can happen to you?
Jessica Bartolucci
Aug 06, 2021
How do I find out if someone has a car insurance policy?
Can I look up someone else's insurance information somehow? Someone hit my car, then they drove off before I got their information. I'm worried that they don't have insurance or something.
Liz Jenson
Oct 27, 2021
How do you sue someone with no car insurance?
I was in an accident with an uninsured driver. I was injured and my car is damaged. How can I sue the other driver for damages?
Emily Maracle
Oct 22, 2021
How do I file a car insurance claim for a car accident?
I was hit at a stoplight by an uninsured driver. How do I file a claim with my car insurance?
Emily Maracle
Oct 19, 2021
What happens if I cause an accident and don't have insurance?
What would happen if I caused an accident when I didn't have insurance? I accidentally let my policy lapse a few months ago. Everything is okay now since I have a new policy in place. But how bad could it have been if I didn't get a new policy?
Shannon Martin
Oct 21, 2021
Can you file a car insurance claim for a dent if you only have liability coverage?
I was walking back to my car after work when I noticed a massive dent in my car. I take really good care of my car, and I want to get it repaired if possible. I could pay out of pocket for this if necessary, but I didn't do this damage and I don't want to pay for it unless I have to. However, I'm not sure my insurance will cover it—is there any way can I file a claim for this damage if I only have liability coverage?
Eric Schad
Oct 01, 2021
How do you check if a car is insured?
Where can I look to see if a car is insured? I have a video of someone swiping my Honda and I want to make sure they can pay for the damages.
Joshua Levy
Sep 22, 2021

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