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How much money will the insurance company pay out for my totaled vehicle?
My Ford Edge has been deemed a total loss after it was hit by a motorist who was texting and driving. How much money can I expect from the insurance company? Will they offer book value or take certain factors into consideration, like the hardship of being without a vehicle?
Alexah Grinnell
Aug 06, 2021
How does GEICO decide if a car is totaled?
I was recently in an accident and GEICO said my car was totaled. I'm not upset about taking the money for the car to buy a new one; it was about time to get a new one anyway. But I'm curious; how does GEICO decide if a car is totaled? It looked fine to me.
Eric Schad
Sep 24, 2021
How can I get the insurance company to give me cash for my car?
I have wanted a new car for a while now but just can't afford one. Well, I was in an accident the other day and the damage to my car looks pretty bad. How can I make the insurance company give me cash for my car?
Shannon Martin
Oct 14, 2021
What color of car has the lowest rate of accidents?
My car was just totaled in an accident. I'm mostly okay, as is the other driver, but it was honestly a terrifying experience, and I never want to go through that again. I've heard that some colors of car can reduce your chance of being an accident—if this is true, what color of car is least likely to get into an accident?
Emily Maracle
Sep 20, 2021
How do I buy back my car from the insurance company?
After a pretty serious accident, my insurance company declared my car 'totaled,' and gave me a payout. I want the car, however! How do I buy back my car from the insurance company?
melanie reiff
Oct 27, 2021
How do I maximize my car insurance claim?
My car was totaled in an accident. I want to be able to afford a new car. How do I maximize my insurance claim?
Emily Maracle
Oct 19, 2021
What happens if my car was totaled the week after I bought it?
What happens to my car? Will the insurer pay for a new one? I just bought a car and one week later, it's totaled. I have comprehensive and collision insurance as required by my lender.
Eric Schad
Jul 21, 2021
How do you negotiate a car insurance settlement for you car?
I filed a claim with my insurance after an accident. I was injured and my vehicle was totaled. I'm currently entering the negotiation stage of the process and I'm not sure what to do. How do I negotiate with my car insurance company?
Emily Maracle
Oct 13, 2021
How do you check if a car has been written off?
How can I check if my car was written off? My car was seriously damaged in a big incident. An adjuster came to look at it a few days ago. It seems like a total loss, but I have no car and no information!
Joshua Levy
Oct 26, 2021
Can I buy a car back from a car insurance company?
I was involved in what seemed like a minor fender bender a few months back, but my truck was declared a total loss. I know a bit about cars and my friend is a mechanic, so we thought it might be a fun project to fix the truck. The insurance company has it now, but I wondered if I could buy it off them before they scrap it?
Jack Walsh
Oct 22, 2021
How do I recover a destroyed car in GTA V?
I was in a shootout in GTA V the other day and my favorite car was completely destroyed. Is there a way for me to get it back or am I out of luck?
Sarah Gray
Mar 21, 2022
How do you find out if your car has gap insurance?
What’s the best way to find out if I have gap insurance? I'm currently upside down on my car loan. I remember my dealership talking about gap insurance but I don't know if I have it on my car.
Emily Maracle
May 03, 2022
How can insurance companies decide if a car is totaled?
My friend and I were arguing the other day about how insurance companies decide that a car is totaled. How does it work?
Will Baldwin
Oct 28, 2021
How can I check my car value for insurance?
How can I find out how much my car is worth for insurance purposes? I was in an accident and my car was deemed totaled by my insurance company. I want to know how much my insurance provider should give me for my vehicle.
Phoebe Mah
Oct 19, 2021
How much damage does there have to be for insurance to total a car?
I was recently in a really bad car wreck and I’m pretty sure my car is totaled, but I’m not sure. How much damage does a car have to have for my insurance company to consider it totaled? I have Nationwide insurance, if that helps at all.
Chloe Jenkins
Dec 19, 2021
Does car insurance cover the cost of aftermarket parts when your vehicle is totaled?
If my car has aftermarket parts and someone totaled my car, will their insurance cover the cost? I'm worried about this scenario because I've had some significant work done to my Mustang.
Sophie Newman
Feb 17, 2022
Is mileage a factor when insurance companies decide whether a car is totaled?
How do car insurance companies decide whether a car is totaled or just needs repair? Does the number of miles on the car matter?
Jessica Bartolucci
Aug 06, 2021
How does gap insurance work after a car is stolen?
I just purchased a 2022 Kia Soul and I decided to get the gap insurance my seller recommended. I’m curious how this covers me, though. Like how exactly does gap insurance work after a car is stolen?
Shannon Fitzgerald
Mar 09, 2022
How long does it take to receive a claim payout from a car insurance company?
My car was totaled in an accident a month ago. Luckily I'm unhurt, but my car is definitely not okay. I submitted a claim to my insurance and they approved it—but it's been a few weeks and I'm still waiting. I do need my car for work—so how long will it take to receive the payout?
Emily Maracle
Oct 08, 2021
What is gap insurance on a car loan?
I was looking over my terms and conditions for my new car loan and my lender mentioned gap insurance. I'm not sure what that is, but they recommended I get it. How does gap insurance work?
Emily Maracle
Oct 26, 2021
Is gap insurance a scam?
I’m just about ready to finally buy my new Mazda CX-30, but I’ve been debating whether or not I need the gap insurance the dealership’s suggesting. Is gap insurance a scam or will it be helpful for me?
Shannon Fitzgerald
Mar 09, 2022
Can I replace my damaged car with a new car if I get into a not-at-fault accident?
Another driver ran a red light and hit me recently. My car's in bad shape, and I think I want to get a new one. Last time I was in a not-at-fault accident, the other driver's insurance just paid for repairs. This time, can the insurance company pay me for the value of my vehicle instead?
Emily Maracle
Oct 12, 2021
Is there a way to buy back a car after the insurance company says it's totaled?
Is there a way for me to buy back my car? It was totaled in a car accident a week ago, and I am just not ready to let it go yet. I know it is considered a hunk of junk, but it was my first car and I want to keep it.
Shannon Martin
Oct 14, 2021
How do I file a gap insurance claim in Minnesota?
How do I file a claim with my gap insurance? I purchased a new Honda CR-V a couple of years ago with gap insurance. It's totaled after an accident, so I need to file a claim with my gap insurance.
Sophie Newman
Jul 23, 2021
How do insurance companies value cars?
I recently got into a car accident, and I’m trying to figure out what the payout will be, and how my insurance will determine the overall value of the vehicle. How will my insurance company value my car?
Liz Jenson
Nov 17, 2021
How do I determine if my car is a write-off?
I got into a small accident, and my wife is saying they might have to write off the car. There isn’t that much damage, but it’s an old car! How can I determine whether or not my car is a write-off?
Liz Jenson
Nov 18, 2021
Can I still drive a totaled car?
"My car was deemed a total loss by my insurance company. The bumper is cracked, but I can still drive it. Am I allowed to do this?"
Emily Maracle
Jul 28, 2021
How can I get the claims adjuster to fix my car instead of totaling it?
Is there a way to change my claim adjuster's mind? A hail storm damaged my 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass, but the damage doesn't look that bad and runs fine. It only has some dents and needs a new paint job. He said it is only valued at $952.00 and is totaled.
Shannon Martin
Oct 14, 2021
How is actual cash value calculated?
I recently totaled my car, and I was worried about getting a new car until I realized I had actual cash value coverage through my insurance. How does my insurance company determine the actual cash value of my car?
Macy Fouse
Feb 21, 2022
How do insurance companies decide to total a car?
My son totaled the family SUV when he was driving in the rain last week. He is okay, thankfully. We are unaware of the appraisal process or held value of totaled cars and would like to know any more information you can share!
Carlos Kirby
Nov 08, 2021

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