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Will my homeowner's policy cover my ATV?
Since ATV insurance in New Hampshire isn't required, will my homeowner's policy provide coverage for the ATV? What if it gets stolen or burned down in the garage?
Shannon Martin
Oct 06, 2021
What happens if an uninsured driver is at fault in an accident in New Hampshire?
Can anything happen to you since you aren't required to have insurance? Do you have to pay for any damage or injuries you cause?
Emily Maracle
Jul 09, 2021
Can I go without car insurance in New Hampshire?
I purchased a new vehicle and haven't yet purchased insurance. Do I need to, or can I go without it?
Sophie Newman
Jul 22, 2021
Are there any states that do not require auto insurance?
Is auto insurance or another form of financial responsibility required in all 50 states? I'm moving to a new state and want to know if the insurance laws will change.
Matthew Macgugan
Oct 15, 2021
Is car insurance mandatory in every state?
Do I need auto insurance no matter where I move in the U.S.?
Alexah Grinnell
Aug 06, 2021
How can I not have car insurance?
I want to save money and my car insurance is expensive. How can I not have car insurance?
Emily Maracle
Feb 28, 2022
Can I drive without a license in New Hampshire?
What happens if I get caught without a license now? I'm a new resident of the state and where I lived before I didn't drive.
Sophie Newman
Jul 28, 2021
What is the minimum car insurance requirement for New Hampshire?
What's the minimum amount of car insurance I need in New Hampshire? What can I use to find the cheapest rate?
Rachel Juillerat
Oct 18, 2021
How much is my car registration in NH?
I’ve lived in New Hampshire for about a year now, but I’ve always driven my roommate’s car. I’m getting my own car soon and am trying to figure out all the associated expenses. How much does it cost to register a vehicle in New Hampshire?
Chloe Jenkins
Oct 29, 2021
Is it illegal not to purchase car insurance in New Hampshire?
I just moved to the state from New Jersey and need to get my vehicle re-registered. Do I also still need to purchase car insurance?
Sophie Newman
Aug 03, 2021
How long do points stay on your record in New Hampshire?
I'm currently insured with Allstate. How long will points stay on my record and impact my insurance? I have four points from a speeding ticket in 2019.
Emily Maracle
Jul 29, 2021
What do I do if I get into an at-fault accident in New Hampshire?
I don't have bodily injury liability and was in an at-fault accident. The other driver's insurance let me know that they are injured and seeking reimbursement for medical bills. Their vehicle wasn't damaged, but mine is totaled. Am I going to be sued? Will I lose my license?
Emily Maracle
Apr 30, 2021
What happens if you don't have bodily injury liability in New Hampshire?
I know it's not required in this state, but what happens if I don't get it? Will it be dangerous not to have it?
Sophie Newman
Jul 03, 2021
How do I pick the right car insurance coverage for New Hampshire?
I just moved to New Hampshire, and people have told me that the car insurance situation is unique in the state—something about there being no minimum. I've always based my coverage off of the minimum requirements before; how do I pick the right coverage now?
Eric Schad
Oct 12, 2021
Can I get car insurance on a vehicle that's registered to someone else in New Hampshire?
"I've been borrowing my friend's car while she's out of town and I want to purchase insurance for it but the title's in her name. What are my options?"
Sophie Newman
Jul 27, 2021
Is reckless driving a felony in NH?
I recently got pulled over for speeding in New Hampshire. I was let off with a warning, but the officer told me I could be hit with serious consequences for reckless driving next time. What type of charge is reckless driving in New Hampshire?
Macy Fouse
Jan 28, 2022
Does AAA provide nationwide service?
I know that AAA is divided up into clubs based on regions, so does that mean AAA is still nationwide?
Eric Schad
Jul 14, 2021
Which states have the cheapest car insurance rates?
Right now I live in Florida and the auto insurance here is SO expensive. Which states are the least expensive for car insurance?
Jackie Whalen
Sep 27, 2021
How do you get ice off car mirrors?
What's the best way to remove ice from car mirrors? I live in New Hampshire and my car mirrors always ice over in the winter. I don't have a heating mechanism, so I want to find another way to remove it.
Eric Schad
Aug 30, 2021
Are U-turns legal in New Hampshire?
I’m driving up to Concord to visit a friend of mine from college. However, I’ve never driven in New Hampshire before and I don’t want to get a ticket. Can I legally make a U-turn there?
Eric Schad
Apr 08, 2022
Most common car in New Hampshire?
So my son is a novelist, and he’s a notorious shut-in. He doesn’t like people, going out, or doing anything fun. Anyways, he just moved into a house in the New Hampshire woods, and he needs a car to get groceries, but wants the most regular car he can find. What’s the most common car in New Hampshire?
Jason Tushinski
Apr 11, 2022
What speed is considered reckless driving in New Hampshire?
I live in New Hampshire and although I’m 25 years old, I just got my license. Since I’ve been driving, I like to go really fast. But I don’t want to get a ticket for reckless driving. How fast do you have to go to get a reckless driving charge in New Hampshire?
Eric Schad
Apr 12, 2022
How long will a DUI stay on my driving record in New Hampshire?
I had a really embarrassing weekend in Manchester and long story short, now I’ve got a DUI on my record. What do I do now? How long will I have a DUI on my driving record in New Hampshire?
Shannon Fitzgerald
Apr 13, 2022
How many cars are in New Hampshire?
After I moved to New Hampshire about a year ago, I learned that car insurance isn’t compulsory. I thought this was odd, but moreover, it made me wonder if more people own cars because they don’t have to pay for car insurance. How many cars are there in New Hampshire?
Eric Schad
Apr 29, 2022
What's the best time to visit New Hampshire?
I’ve always wanted to visit New England, but I’m specifically excited about heading to New Hampshire. I just need to gather some more information before I plan my trip. When’s the best time to visit New Hampshire?
Eric Schad
May 04, 2022
How many cars are registered in New Hampshire?
I know New Hampshire is a pretty small state, but it also has a lot of people. I’m just curious to know about the number of cars there. How many cars does New Hampshire have in total?
Liz Jenson
May 09, 2022

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