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Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Battery Size
Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel trucks use two Group 94R batteries with a cold cranking amp (CCA) between 790 and 840 currents. Click here for all the details.
Mary Cahill
How to Ungel Diesel Fuel
To avoid diesel fuel gelling, consider using winterized diesel fuel in cold temperatures and using a cold flow improver fuel additive.
Melanie Krieps Mergen
How Is Diesel Made?
Ever wondered how diesel fuel is made? In this article, Jerry covers all the basics.
Kathryn Mae Kurlychek
How to Deal with Rising Gas Prices in Massachusetts
Massachusetts' gas prices are higher than the national average at roughly $4.76 a gallon, but you can find significant savings with clever hacks.
Andrea Barrett
How to Deal with Rising Gas Prices in Nevada
Nevada’s gas prices are the third highest in the nation with an average of $5.24 a gallon—but here’s how you can still save some money.
Amber Reed
How to Deal with Rising Gas Prices in Colorado
Colorado gas prices are at historic highs, but Jerry’s list of savings hacks will help you cut down on expenses during the nation’s gas crisis.
Samuel Todd
10 Best Used Diesel SUVs
From Q7s to Cayennes, these are the 10 best used diesel SUVs to buy.
Sarah Gray
What Happens if You Put the Wrong Fuel In Your Car?
Whether you put diesel in a gas-powered engine or just used the wrong octane level, there could be danger. Learn what happens when you use the wrong gas.
Jacoba Bood

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