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What to Do If You're Rear Ended by Another Car
If you've been rear-ended by another car, here's what you need to do to file a successful claim and get properly compensated for the car accident.
Cheryl Knight
Sep 01, 2020
How Much Car Insurance Costs
When buying car insurance, keep in mind what types you need, including liability, comprehensive, collision, MedPay, PIP, and others.
Cheryl Knight
Nov 09, 2020
How to Know if You Have the Right Type of Car Insurance For You
As your driving habits change, so should your car insurance. Here’s how to get the most savings while still getting the best coverage for your car.
Logan Utsman
Dec 03, 2020
Different Types of Car Insurance: Which One Suits You Best?
Understanding the differences between the various types of car insurance can help you find the right plan. Here's what to know about the levels of coverage offered.
Brady Klopfer
Dec 14, 2020
All About Collision Coverage Car Insurance
By adding collision coverage to your car insurance policy, you insure your car against damage suffered when crashing into another car or object.
Cheryl Knight
Sep 16, 2020
Collision vs. Comprehensive Car Insurance: How to Tell Which One You Need
Both collision and comprehensive car insurance cover damage to your vehicle, but how do you decide which one to get? This article walks you through some factors to consider when making your decision.
Elan Mcafee
Sep 15, 2020
Does My Car Insurance Cover Me If I Hit a Pole or Tree?
If you hit a pole or tree and have collision insurance coverage, you can make a claim to your insurance company for the damage.
Jessica Barrett
Jun 16, 2021

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