Expert Advice for Car Skidding

All Questions on Car Skidding

How do you get a stuck car out of the snow?
I grew up in California but moved to New York, so I’m new to dealing with snow in a normal, day-to-day capacity. Last week my car got stuck after a little blizzard, and I ended up missing work! I need to know what to do the next time this happens. What’s the best way to get a stuck car out of a pile of snow?
Joshua Levy
Nov 23, 2021
What is threshold braking?
I was watching a car race on TV the other day and the announcer mentioned something called threshold braking. What is that?
Sarah Gray
Feb 28, 2022
What’s a clutch kick?
I was riding in my friend’s car in an empty parking lot, and he pulled this trick with the clutch that made the car start driving sideways. I asked him what he called that move, and he said it was a clutch kick. I’ve never heard this term before, what is a clutch kick?
Mary Cahill
Mar 31, 2022
How do you engage 4WD in a Honda CR-V?
I’m not sure how to engage the 4WD in my Honda CR-V, but winter is right around the corner! I want to make sure I’m safe when driving in the snow.
Liz Jenson
Dec 17, 2021
What is doing donuts in a car?
What does it mean to do donuts in a car or truck? I heard some people at school talking about doing donuts in the parking lot and I’ve never heard of that before but I’m too embarrassed to ask.
Liz Jenson
Apr 01, 2022
How can I fix tire marks in asphalt?
I was pulling out of my driveway the other day and had to do a hard brake to avoid hitting my kid’s bike, which was accidentally left out. There’s now a bunch of rubber marks on our newly-paved driveway. How can I remove the tire marks in our asphalt?
Claire Beaney
Apr 05, 2022

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