The Best Sacramento, CA Car Insurance Quotes (May 2024)

Car insurance quotes in Sacramento, CA start at approximately $46 per month. Smart shopping with Jerry can keep your costs low.
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Nestled in California's Central Valley and with over 250 days of annual sunshine, Sacramento is home to 500,000 people. Situated at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers, the city faces occasional wildfire risks and a dynamic housing market.
While the blend of historic landmarks and modern development shapes Sacramento's character, rising costs of living can make Sacramento’s full coverage
car insurance
costs occasionally higher than other
The majority of Sacramento drivers pay around $2,565 annually for
full coverage car insurance
. You can certainly find cheaper car insurance rates in Sactown—you just have to be prepared to compare your options. 

How much does car insurance cost in Sacramento, CA? 

Sacramento drivers pay an average of $2,565 per year or $214 per month for a full coverage policy. For policyholders who choose to state minimum liability insurance, the average cost is $912 per year or $76 per month. 
Overall, both full coverage and state minimum car insurance in Sacramento is less costly than the state and national averages. 
Coverage type
United States
Full coverage
Minimum coverage
Keep in mind:
Car insurance quotes
are determined based on your unique driver’s profile. Factors ranging from your age, driving history, zip code, marital status, and discount eligibility all 
influence the final cost of your insurance policy
To get a fast overview on what you can expect to pay for car insurance in Sacramento, use the
app and compare free quotes based on your personal profile. 
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Estimate your Sacramento, CA car insurance costs

Auto insurance companies consider a variety of factors about your driver profile when
calculating your car insurance premium
. The most important include: 
  • Driver age and experience level
  • Driving record 
  • Vehicle type
  • ZIP code
Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors to see if you could be overpaying for car insurance in Sacramento. 

Age and driving experience

Aside from drivers with
and other violations,
teen drivers
tend to pay the most elevated car insurance rates of any other demographic group. This is because they’re considered higher risk by providers since their lack of experience makes them more likely to get into car accidents and violate traffic laws.
In fact, the California Office of Traffic Safety found that the number of teenagers (aged 15-20) involved in fatal crashes rose by 14.8%, increasing from 413 in 2020 to 474 in 2021.1
Pro Tip: If you’ve added a young driver to your policy, it’s a good idea to complete a defensive driving course or safe driving telematics program in order to make sure your teen is staying safe behind the wheel and that you’re not overpaying for a policy.  
The good news is that car insurance rates tend to settle down by the time drivers turn 25, and decline sharply once the driver is in their mid-thirties. Although
senior drivers
pay pretty reasonable rates, the age bracket that benefits from the most affordable rates in Sacramento is 55-64. 
Age group
Average full coverage premium

Driving record

Maintaining a
clean driving record
ensures that you’ll have access to the best rates and coverage options in Sacramento. 
Coverage type
Clean driving record
Full coverage
Minimum coverage
Repeated violations like speeding tickets or an at-fault accident on your driving record will cause steep inclines in your premiums—and these will remain high anywhere from three to five years. Meanwhile, if you get a serious violation such as a DUI, you’ll need to get
an SR-22 form
and your rates will stay high for the duration that this form is on file with the DMV. 

Vehicle type

The kind of car you have will impact the rates you get. For example, if you have a larger vehicle, such as a full-size
, or if you drive a sports car, your rates will be higher than someone with a common compact vehicle. 
Keep in mind: California is known for its love of Tesla and electric cars. While buying an EV might help you qualify for
EV incentives
that reduce your overall ownership costs, you may still end up paying higher rates for insurance.  
In 2022, these 5 car models were the most popular in California:2
Average national annual full coverage premium

ZIP code

Auto insurance companies look at your ZIP code’s risk profile to evaluate whether you live in a dangerous location and determine whether they need to charge higher premiums. For instance, if you live in a high-traffic zone where car accidents often occur, or an area prone to car theft, you’ll likely see costlier premiums due to your increased risk.

The 5 most expensive ZIP codes in Sacramento, CA

Zip codeAverage monthly premium

The 5 cheapest ZIP codes in Sacramento, CA

Zip codeAverage monthly premium

Find the best car insurance companies in Sacramento, CA

Without a doubt, the cost of your Sacramento auto insurance policy will vary depending on your provider. Take a look at the table below to compare different average rates for full coverage with eight of Sacramento’s most popular insurance providers. 
Insurance company
Average full coverage annual premium
Direct Auto

Why is car insurance so expensive in Sacramento?

Some of the common reasons why you might face higher car insurance costs in Sacramento, California are:
  • Wildfires: Sacramento, along with the entire state of California, is known for its wildfires. These fires can contribute to car crashes, unsafe driving conditions (such as smoky, low visibility), vehicle property damage, and as a consequence, increased filed claims.  
  • High cost of living: The cost of living in Sacramento, CA is 22% above the national average, which means insurance costs will also reflect that. 3
  • Uninsured motorists: According to 2019 data from the Insurance Information Institute, 16.6% of California drivers don’t carry even state minimum liability insurance, driving up auto insurance rates for the entire state.4
  • Car theft hotspot: Sacramento ranked #41 on the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)’s Hotspots list of metro areas with high auto theft rates. In 2022 alone, 10,398  motor vehicles were stolen in the Sacramento metro area. 5

Auto insurance requirements for Sacramento, CA 

California car insurance laws
dictate that all drivers must get the following minimum car insurance coverage: 
Getting more than the minimum is a good idea for most Sacramento drivers, especially given the unreliable weather conditions and the rate of uninsured Californian drivers. For example, adding
comprehensive coverage
can help you cover the damages caused to your vehicle by wildfires, hail, and the unforeseen crashes they cause. 
If you live in Sacramento, consider raising your liability limits to at least $100k/$300k/$100k. While this might sound excessive, this typically only adds a few dollars per month to your premium compared to state minimum liability. You’ll also need comprehensive and collision coverage unless you can afford to replace your car out of pocket in the event of a total loss. 
Aside from high liability limits and full coverage, you should also consider adding the following types of optional coverage to your car insurance policy: 
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage:
    If you’re hit by an uninsured driver, or a driver with insufficient liability insurance to cover your damages, this coverage can kick in to cover your medical bills. 
  • Medical payments (MedPay):
    Another way to cover your medical costs. MedPay pays for medical bills for you and your passengers regardless of accident negligence.  
  • Rental reimbursement:
    If you already have comprehensive and collision on your policy, you can add this optional coverage to reduce the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is in the shop following a covered loss. 
  • Towing and labor coverage:
    This optional policy add-on which can replace a pricier roadside assistance club membership, while providing the same basic benefits. 


Who has the cheapest car insurance in California?

While there is no single insurer that offers the best cheap car insurance across the board, Nationwide often has the cheapest rates in California for many drivers. That being said, depending on your driver profile, you could also find cheap auto insurance quotes with carriers like Progressive, National General, and Infinity.  

How much is car insurance in Sacramento? 

Car insurance in Sacramento costs an average of $1,623 per year for full coverage or $551 per year for state minimum liability coverage. 

Who has the highest auto insurance rates?

California is definitely not the priciest state. Car insurance in California costs around $1,610 per year, while annual premiums in New York and Louisiana average around $3,077 and $2,516 per year, respectively. 

How can I find the cheapest car insurance?

To find the cheapest car insurance, work with a trusted car insurance broker. Unlike insurance agents, who work with a limited number of insurance companies, brokers have access to a wider range of local providers and can show you a plethora of quotes. 

Can I drive without car insurance in California?

No, driving uninsured in the state of California is illegal. Penalties include steep fines and the suspension of your driver’s license.

Is GEICO or Progressive cheaper?

GEICO tends to be slightly cheaper than Progressive, but you should always compare quotes to see for yourself. 

How does the Jerry app work? 

Jerry is a licensed insurance broker that offers affordable car insurance quote comparison through a mobile app. When you download the app, you’ll be prompted to build a driver profile, which Jerry uses to pull real car insurance quotes from insurers in your area. The Jerry app is free to use and makes money through commissions from insurance companies.

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