The 10 Biggest Lakes in Arkansas

Arkansas is home to natural and artificial lakes of all shapes and sizes—Jerry has the details on the 10 biggest ones.
Written by Patrick Price
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Updated on May 27, 2022
With over 2,400 lakes and reservoirs covering more than 600,000 acres,
reputation as a land of lakes is well-deserved. While the state’s natural lakes are often small in size, many of the man-made ones are quite large. Lake Ouachita, for instance, covers a staggering 66,324 acres—and there are many more that are almost as big!
Home to towering mountains, stark plateaus, savage weather, and frequent storms, Arkansas is widely known as a land of extremes. Perhaps most extreme of all is Arkansas’s huge collection of dramatic water features. 
Some of Arkansas’s best-loved lakes, however, are anything but “natural”. Most of the popular lakes that you’ll find there are actually man-made. Even so, these lakes and reservoirs make for some great summer fun! 
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Ouachita (66,324 acres)

Address: 5451 Mountain Pine Rd, Mountain Pine, AR 71956
Lake Ouachita
Starting off our list is Lake Ouachita—the biggest lake by far in the entire state. To look at this marvel of design and innovation, built by the Public Corps of Engineers, the last thing you would think to call it is “artificial.” 
The lake itself may be man-made, but it’s just about the only thing in the area that is. Ouachita’s coastlines are immaculately undeveloped. The lake is surrounded by the 1.8 million acres of untamed wilderness known as
Ouachita National Forest
The lake is also part of a
state park
, so visitors are free to enjoy the water. Scuba diving, swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking are some of the popular activities at Ouachita. 

Bull Shoals (45,440 acres)

Address: 232 Boat Dock Rd, Lakeview, AR 72642
Arkansas’s second-biggest lake is known for three things—fishing, fishing, and more fishing! Situated in the picturesque
Bull Shoals-White River State Park
, this lake boasts some of the finest trout fishing on the planet! Fishing professionals and enthusiasts come from all over to cast their lines in The Bull. 
Stop off at the state-of-the-art visitor exhibit to learn about the area’s history and some of the great adventures of previous fishermen. Then, head on over to The Riverside Marina to stock up on bait, tackle, and anything else you might need—you can even rent a boat there! 

Dardanelle (34,300 acres)

Address: 2428 Marina Rd, Russellville, AR 72802
Along the Arkansas River, you’ll find an impressive artificial reservoir spanning 34,300 acres—that’s Lake Dardanelle
Dardanelle, along with the beautiful state park that surrounds it, is a great place for hiking, swimming, sport fishing, and more! The park even has several aquariums where you can learn about the area’s marine wildlife—and a historic site where you can learn about its tragic past. 

Greers Ferry (31,500 acres)

Address: 700 Heber Springs Road North, Heber Springs, AR 72543
Spanning 31,500 acres of vast blue expanse, Greers Ferry Lake comes in at number four on our list. Nestled in the stunning Ozark foothills, Greers Ferry was created by the Corps of Engineers using innovative environmentally-friendly techniques—which made the lake a trend-setter and a national model for clean, responsible, and reliable water management. 
Today it’s a great place for camping, boating, fishing, and water sports. You’ll also find plenty of resorts, restaurants, shopping areas, and important historical sites. 

Millwood (29,200 acres)

Address: Millwood Lake, Lockesburg, AR 71846
Located in Millwood State Park, Millwood Lake is a labyrinth of intersecting waterways, oxbows, marshes, muddy shallows, submerged trees, and much more. This diverse and intricate make-up is precisely what makes Millwood such a great spot for fishing! 
Those who cast their lines in the lake are typically looking for one of these popular species: 
  • Bass
  • Catfish
  • Crappie
Of course, there’s more to Millwood than fishing—you can also enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and bird-watching. 

Beaver (28,220 acres)

Address: 19761 AR Highway 127, #19899, Garfield, AR 72732
Beaver Lake
One of the more visually appealing spots in Arkansas is Beaver Lake—a nature-lover’s paradise adorned with towing trees, limestone cliffs, cave formations, and a diverse population of wildlife. 
Looking for something a little more exhilarating than a peaceful hike through nature? You’re in luck—Beaver Lake is also one of the state’s most popular sites for water sports! Things like water skiing, wakeboarding, boating, scuba diving, and fishing tournaments are common. 

Norfork (22,000 acres)

Address: 4975 AR-101, Gamaliel, AR 72537
Norfork Lake is one of Arkansas’s best-kept secrets. A secluded and uncrowded paradise surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and pristine woodlands, Norfork is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. There, you be able to enjoy the following activities: 
You’ll have plenty of
lodging options
, from refined resorts to rustic campsites. Book your room and start packing today! 

Jack Lee (15,000 acres)

Address: Huttig, AR 71747
The Felsenthal Lock and Dam, sometimes called Jack Lee Lake, is part of the Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge. It’s located in southwestern Arkansas, right on the
While it was created to prevent floods and provide energy, Jack Lee has become a favorite spot for recreational activities. Visitors engage in camping, boating, hiking, and excellent fishing! 

DeGray (13,400 acres)

Address: 159 Lodge Loop, Arkadelphia, AR 71923
DeGray Lake is located at the heart of DeGray Lake Resort State Park—a vacation destination where you can experience the beauty of nature while still enjoying all the comforts and amenities of a modern resort! 
Book a room at the park’s
luxurious lodge
, rent a
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, or enjoy a totally unique stay at the resort’s one-of-a-kind
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from the marina, play at the beach, explore one of the park’s many
, go
horseback riding
, or play a few holes on the
golf course
. The options are endless at Degray Lake Resort Park—they even have their own
escape room

Ozark (10,600 acres)

Address: 201 Rice St, Berryville, AR 72616
Ozark Lake
Finally, we have Ozark Lake—the tenth largest lake in Arkansas and the last entry on our list. 
Ozark is situated on public lands which are designated as a State Wildlife Management Area—making our #10 a great place to do some animal watching! 
The Lake’s 173 miles of shoreline also provide visitors with the perfect spot for recreational activities. You’ll see people camping, cooking, hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, and engaging in every other imaginable outdoor activity! 

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