Everything to Know about the Abandoned Theme Park in New Orleans

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Louisiana is home to a huge list of one-of-a-kind sites like the Grand Isle and Avery Island, but nothing is quite like the abandoned theme park in New Orleans. What was once known as Six Flags’ Jazzland, has since become a notable location for zombie and horror flicks, a destination for a few brave explorers.
The abandoned Six Flags theme park in New Orleans has been the center of Louisiana controversy for some time. Many attempts have been made to transform the once glorious eyesore into functional facilities for the local population, but all of them have failed. While a large part of New Orlean’s inability to salvage the abandoned lot is due to bureaucratic nonsense, the park's swampy area and low altitude also make it a prime area for flooding.
Unfortunately, Six Flags New Orleans isn’t in any kind of working shape, but it’s still a worthwhile spot to visit. To help you plan for your offroad adventure, the car insurance comparison and brokerage app Jerry is here to help you learn everything you need to know about the abandoned Six Flags theme park in New Orleans.

What is Six Flags New Orleans?

Six Flags New Orleans was originally opened in 2000 under the name Jazzland. The park was split up into different sections that reflected different elements of New Orleans culture. A few of the popular areas were Mardi Gras and Cajun Country. But despite Jazzland’s general popularity among locals, it wasn’t profitable. 
When the owners went bankrupt in 2002, Six Flags bought the park and spent the next year transitioning the entire area into Six Flags New Orleans. The park was an extreme success from 2003 to 2005 when it was in full operation, but in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit and forced the park to close. Though there have been several attempts to reopen the area, the park has remained abandoned since 2005.

Why was Six Flags abandoned?

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the United States, causing enormous destruction to much of the southeastern United States. While many states were impacted by the immense storm, Florida and Louisiana were two of the most heavily affected areas. When the storm reached New Orleans, the power went out in much of the area and the water was so high in the city that many people were forced to take refuge on their roofs.
Six Flags New Orleans closed a few days before the storm hit. Some preparations were made to protect it from the hurricane, but when the storm passed through the theme park, it left it submerged in seven feet of water
It took over a month for executives to gain access to the park, and they found everything severely damaged. The saltwater had corroded many of the rides and buildings, making them unsafe for visitors and leading Six Flags to declare the park a total loss.
Six Flags New Orleans is still a large asset for the Six Flags corporation, but the swampy area is full of enormous structures that make it difficult to sell. Since Six Flags is neither equipped to revamp the park nor tear it down to be sold, Six Flags New Orleans remains abandoned.
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Is it safe to explore the abandoned theme park?

An abandoned theme park may seem like a great place to explore, but the environment is dangerous and visiting the area is illegal
When the area was flooded by Hurricane Katrina, the amusement park took on a more swampy personality. Now, the area is home to an array of dangerous animals like cottonmouth snakes and alligators.  Outside of the wildlife, years of neglect have led to a state of disarray in the park—the entire property is covered in broken glass, splintered wood, unsafe rides, and partially-collapsed buildings.
Aside from safety issues, the park is still private property. Anyone found trespassing in Six Flags New Orleans could face fines or even be arrested. That said, it’s typically best for locals to stay off the property and away from the park.
It is worth noting that some private organizations have gotten permission to use the property for things like filming. In fact, a few major blockbuster films were partially directed on the abandoned Six Flags property. Here are a few of the biggest films that were partially shot in Six Flags New Orleans:
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  • Jurassic World
  • Stolen
  • Deepwater Horizon

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While there aren’t any physical barriers preventing you from exploring Six Flags New Orleans, the park is filled with hazards like collapsed buildings and wildlife and the land is still private property. Anyone found wandering through the park without permission could be fined for trespassing or even be arrested.

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