Will the color of my car increase the rate of my insurance?

Will the color I pick for my car make my insurance policy higher? I am getting a new 2021 Kia Soul and will have it custom-painted in Psychotic Illusions Chameleon. I am really excited, but my dad said that wild paint colors may make the insurance company think I am a fast driver and increase my insurance cost. Is this true?

“You can let your father know that painting your car an amazing array of colors will not impact your insurance rate in the way he thinks it will!
Insurance companies do not use the color of the car as a rating factor at all. Most of the time, they will not even ask you what color your car is. If they do, it’s usually for identification purposes or for the DMV.
The theory that a red car costs more to insure than any other color is a myth. People have the image of a fast, red sports car and assume that it is more to insure, and it is. But it would be the same if it was white, blue, black, and so on. A sports car is more expensive to insure because of the type of car it is, not the color.
There is a possibility that drivers of red cars pay more in insurance since red is the easiest color to spot on the road. Police officers are more likely to notice a speeding red car over any other color, so drivers of red cars tend to get more speeding tickets than drivers of another color car.
There are a few ways color can indirectly impact the rate of insurance. Cars with unique colors like purple, green, and yellow may have a slightly lower comprehensive coverage premium since they are less likely to be stolen.
On the flip side, cars with custom paint jobs like yours should have the value of the custom paint job added to the policy. In the event of an accident, the additional cost of the paint job will be included in the car’s value, creating a slightly higher premium for collision and comprehensive coverage.
If you think your insurance company is overcharging you to protect your custom paint, shop around for a better deal. The Jerry app makes this easy by comparing rates for you and delivering the best deals to your phone for free.”
Shannon Martin
Answered on Aug 25, 2021

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