Why did my car insurance go up after a claim when I wasn't at fault for the accident?

Another driver rear-ended me a few months ago. They were uninsured, so I filed a claim with my own insurance company to repair my car. Now my policy has been renewed and my rate has shot up. Why am I being penalized when I wasn't at fault for the collision?

“That sounds like such a bad experience! It might be time to look for a new car insurance company, and here’s why.
Your driving history is used to rate your insurance policy. While the accident was deemed not at fault, it might have been accounted for during the underwriting process as the carrier rated the risk of insuring you.
This means that you might pay slightly more for your policy than someone who doesn’t have a not at-fault accident in their history.
And yes, at first glance, this seems unfair. However, even though you weren’t at fault, since you were in an accident, your behavior as a driver was probably impacted. You might have become a more timid or aggressive driver, which could put you at risk for more accidents in the future.
That being said, this should only have impacted your rate slightly. If your current carrier paid to fix your car, they would have sought reimbursement from the at-fault party through a process called subrogation.
Try getting new car insurance quotes online and make sure to include the accident in your history. This way, you can see if what you are currently paying is in line with the available options. “
Shannon Martin
Answered on May 06, 2021
Shannon is an expert in personal lines liability insurance with 13 + years of insurance industry experience. She also served as a special insurance liaison to AARP members for 6 of those years. She is a graduate of UL Lafayette and currently resides in NY with her family. Shannon is also an amateur juggler, ukulele player, and is a time travel paradox theory enthusiast.

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