What’s the size of Honda Accord windshield wipers?

I’m replacing my mother’s windshield wipers for her birthday. What size windshield wipers should I buy for her Honda Accord?

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You may have noticed that her Accord has two different-sized wipers. Recent Accord years (2018-2022) have a 26-inch wiper on the driver’s side and a 16-inch wiper on the passenger’s side. In older models (2008-2017), the driver’s side wiper is still 26 inches, but the passenger’s side is 19 inches.
Be sure to type in the Accord’s year and model into an auto supply store website to make sure you’re purchasing the correct size.
The vehicle’s owners manual will provide directions—usually with easy-to-follow illustrations. What follows are the basic steps for replacing wiper blades:
  • Begin with the passenger’s side. Gently, pull up the passenger’s side wiper arm
  • Then, carefully remove the blade assembly
  • Take out the old blade and insert the new blade
  • Repeat these steps with the wiper blade on the driver’s side
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