What happens if I put gas in my Ford diesel truck?

Help! I totally wasn’t thinking at the gas pump today and accidentally put gas in my Ford Power Stroke! I realized the mistake pretty fast and filled most of the tank with diesel, but I’m not sure if that was a bad call. What’s going to happen?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
First of all, don’t beat yourself up too much! Accidentally putting gas in a diesel truck is a very common mistake—you’re definitely not the first
driver to mess up at the pump.
That said, because you filled most of your tank with diesel, you and your truck are likely going to be just fine. Still, you should call a trustworthy mechanic for a professional opinion before driving it again.
Should your Ford start behaving or sounding strangely, stop driving immediately. Gas can’t lubricate as well as diesel, so when there is an abundance of gas in your diesel fuel system you run the risk of damaging the filters and injectors. You will need to do one of the following:
  • Tow your truck to the mechanic to drain, refill, and lube the fuel system
  • Drain your fuel system yourself (tanks and lines), change out your filter, refill your tank with fresh diesel
You may want to consider using a lubricating additive if you’re draining and refilling your fuel system on your own. That said, you noticed your mistake so quickly so chances are your Ford didn’t get much gas into its system. You can clean out the fuel system as a precaution, but your mechanic may tell you that it isn’t necessary.
Being proactive about slip-ups like this can help keep your Ford truck safe. Having good insurance coverage complements this protection—and
can help you save!
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