What do Saturn SL1 dash warning lights mean?

I have a Saturn SL1 that has served me well over the years. Unfortunately, on my way home from work last night, a light on my dashboard lit up. What do Saturn SL1 dash warning lights mean?

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It’s great to have an older car that has been reliable. Because you didn’t describe the light on your
Saturn SL1’s
dashboard, identifying the exact problem is difficult. However, you can refer to this table that outlines some of the most common dash lights on a Saturn SL1:
Description of light & color
What light may mean
When to go to mechanic
Outline of the gas pump; amber/yellow
Low fuel
This is an easy fix—fill up your SL1.
Outline of oil can with a wrench; amber/yellow
Check oil
This light indicates you need an oil change. Get one as soon as possible.
Icon-shaped light a horseshoe with an ! at its center; amber/yellow
Low tire pressure
Check your tire pressure and add air as needed.
Outline of the engine with the words: CHECK ENGINE; amber/yellow
Can indicate a variety of issues.
Check your gas cap and tighten it. If the light remains on, take your Saturn to a mechanic.
Battery icon with + and - sign; red
Urgent issue with the battery and/or electrical system
If the light remains on after you start the car, it may mean your Saturn will stop operating soon—get to a mechanic as soon as you can.
Oil can icon with drip; red
Low oil level
Oil pressure or oil level is low; check the oil level. Add oil if needed. If the light remains on, take your Saturn to a mechanic ASAP.
BRAKE letters with or without an !; red
Brake issue
Check to see if the emergency brake is on. If not, do not drive with this light on—-it indicates a brake problem.
As you can see from reviewing this table, red lights indicate a more immediate problem—even an emergency—while amber or yellow lights indicate you have a bit of time before the issue needs to be addressed. But one point is clear: dash lights come on for a reason. Do not ignore them. If you do, you may wind up spending a lot of money on expensive repair bills.
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