What do I do if my tire is rubbing the inside of the wheel well?

Not sure why, but it looks like the tire is rubbing against the inside of my wheel well. That can’t be good. What do I do if my tire is rubbing the inside of the wheel well?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
There are multiple reasons your wheel may be rubbing against your wheel well, including misalignment and out of round tires.
An out of round tire is either underinflated or has become disfigured from wear and tear. These tires are uneven, causing one side to rub against the wheel well. Or your tires are the wrong size. An oversized tires that don’t fit in the wheel well can also rub.
For this, replacement or reinflation is the best fix.
The issue may also be due to your suspension. If your shocks are worn or broken, your vehicle may sag, with the frame close to the ground. This can shorten the distance between the wheel and the wheel well, causing rubbing.
Suspension issues should be taken care of at the mechanic.
While maintenance from wear and tear is not covered, there are tons of expensive repairs a good
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