What color is power steering fluid?

It’s been increasingly difficult to steer my car lately! I noticed some leakage on the cement where I usually park, but I’m not sure what it is. I’m wondering if it’s powering steering fluid. What color is power steering fluid?

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Sorry to hear of your car troubles!
Power steering fluid is red in color. So if the leakage on the cement looks red, it’s no wonder that there is an issue with your power steering. Note that a puddle over 3 inches wide is a serious leak and requires immediate attention from a licensed mechanic.
To help you determine what’s leaking, below is a list of vehicle fluids and their associated colors:
  • Red — Power steering fluid or automatic transmission fluid (new)
  • Orange — Coolant with rust or automatic transmission fluid (aged)
  • Yellow, green, or pink — Coolant (new)
  • Light yellow — Brake fluid (new)
  • Brown — Brake fluid (old) or engine oil
  • Blue — Windshield washer fluid
  • Clear — Water or gasoline
If you suspect the leakage to be brake fluid or gasoline, do not drive your car—it could jeopardize your safety. Have your car inspected and fixed as soon as possible.
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