What are the most common ways to have a Volvo 740 modified?

My wife’s parents just gave us their 1990 Volvo 740. I am not a mechanic, but I have intermediate skills, and I can’t wait to play around with this car! It has relatively low miles and already runs great, but I have heard that there are upgrades that make it really fun to drive. What are the most common mods for a Volvo 740?

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740 (like most Volvos) has a great reputation for reliability and longevity. Tweaking yours a bit will make for an awesome ride!
Some of the most common ways to have a Volvo 740 modified are replacing the camshaft and the timing gear and adding a bigger exhaust.
Here is a breakdown of what these mods can do for your
  • Replace the camshaft with one that is suited to your specific driving profile. This includes where, when, how, and how much you plan to drive your 740.
  • Add an adjustable cam timing gear so that you have control over the power delivery to your engine. This will add some oomph to the low-end torque and help compensate for your Volvo’s weighty mass.
  • Expand your exhaust system. With the camshaft adjustments, your engine is getting more air and will need to get it out unrestricted. Make sure you have 2.5-3 inch exhaust pipes and consider upgrading to a 4 into one exhaust header.
These three modifications are top of the list for updating your older Volvo and making it an instant classic. Just make sure to keep up with your
basic maintenance
as well, or those mods could be for nothing.
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