What are the best snow chains for a Toyota Prius?

I’m visiting my boyfriend and his parents at a ski lodge, and they said I need to put snow chains on my Toyota Prius. Is it safe to put chains on car tires, though? And what are the best snow chains for my Toyota Prius?

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It’s not only safe to use snow chains, but it’s a lot safer than not using them. You’ll want the best snow chains for a
Toyota Prius
. It’s not a car designed for withstanding rigorous winter driving conditions, and snow chains can help a lot.
Depending on the year and trim level of your Toyota Prius, you’ll likely have tires between 14” and 17”. Knowing your exact tire size is important when shopping for snow chains, so be sure you know that before heading to Amazon or your local auto parts store.
Here’s a short list of what we think are the best snow chains for a Toyota Prius:
  • Peerless Auto-Trac snow chains are a great option—maybe even the best option—because they’re easier to install than most other snow chains, they’re affordable, and they provide excellent traction.
  • Security Chain Company Z6 Cables aren’t snow chains, but they work the same way. These are more like “snow cables” better suited to smaller cars like your Prius. They’re easier to manage, but they won’t provide as much grip as proper snow chains
  • KÖNIG CB-12 snow chains will work for any Prius with 15” to 17” wheels—they’re not an option for an older Prius with 14” wheels. They’re the most budget-friendly option, but you’ll want to watch some YouTube videos to learn how to install them. The instructions they provide are pretty confusing.
  • Michelin Easy Grip Evolution snow chains are top-end products and might be unnecessary for your Prius, but we’re mentioning them regardless. Many drivers, especially in Europe, will tell you that these are the best snow chains today. But they’re pricey, especially since they must be imported here in the United States.
We hope you have lots of fun at this ski lodge! And before you go shopping for snow chains, consider reading our guide explaining how to put snow chains on tires. We also recommend checking out our seven tips on winter driving and our guide explaining what to do if your car gets stuck in the snow, too. Have a fun, safe trip!
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