What are the benefits of an engine oil treatment?

At my last car service appointment, my mechanic recommended that I get an engine oil treatment for my car but he didn’t explain the benefits to me. Why would I give my car an engine oil treatment?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
We understand the confusion surrounding engine oil treatments as it’s not always clear why people get them. There are five key benefits that come with engine oil treatments: it improves block leaks and seals, prevents wear and tear, prevents corrosion, promotes oil cleanliness, and improves viscosity.
So, what does that all mean? Here’s a breakdown of each benefit:
  • Improves block leaks and seals on older engines: An oil treatment is a great way to keep up with maintenance if your car is over five years old. Fuel lines and fittings need oil treatments to keep them healthy and prevent leaks.
  • Prevents wear and tear: An engine oil treatment provides your engine’s parts with added lubrication. It coats the engine’s components and helps eliminate friction, keeping your engine healthier for a longer time.
  • Prevents corrosion: Engine oil can become acidic, which can cause corrosion. Treating your engine oil can neutralize these acids which protects your engine from corrosion.
  • Promotes oil cleanliness: To keep your engine running efficiently, your engine oil burns and produces chemical byproducts that stay in the oil. An oil treatment removes impurities from your oil and protects your engine.
  • Promotes viscosity: As your engine oil heats and cools while your engine runs, it loses its viscosity. Engine oil treatments can keep your engine oil’s viscosity at the right level, keeping your engine running more efficiently.
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