Is the Toyota Prius available with a manual transmission?

I’m looking into purchasing a hybrid car but I also like the feel of a manual transmission. Do they make the Toyota Pius with a manual transmission?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Unfortunately, the Toyota Prius doesn’t have a manual transmission. In fact, hybrid cars generally haven’t been made with stick-shift capabilities—with a few exceptions:
  • 2000–2006
    Honda Insight
    . When this odd-looking little ditty came to America, it came with a standard five-speed manual transmission. The Insight was actually the first hybrid car to hit the road in the U.S. and sported an impressive 61mpg fuel efficiency rating.
  • 2004
    Honda Civic Hybrid
    . For one magical year, Honda made the Civic Hybrid available in a three-pedal configuration. In that year, the hybrid version of the popular Honda nameplate achieved a 35 city/45 highway mpg fuel efficiency rating.
  • 2011–2016
    Honda CR-Z
    . The CR-Z paired a futuristic and sporty look with fuel-conscious hybrid technology and impressed precisely nobody. The critics panned the CR-Z for its performance, while the 37mpg fuel-efficiency rating wasn’t really enough to win over the masses.
Manual transmissions are becoming increasingly rare in the auto industry, for better or for worse.
There are pros and cons to owning a manual transmission car. On the negative side, not everybody can drive them, so if you need someone else to take the wheel, they’ll need to be initiated into the ways of the stick shift. On the pro side, manual cars are typically cheaper to maintain and insure.
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