Is slashing tires a felony?

There’s been a recent uptick in vandalism and damage done to cars in our neighborhood—in particular, a lot of tires have been slashed. I’m just wondering, is slashing tires a felony?

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So sorry to hear about that, it’s not fun having to worry about your car constantly!
To answer your question, slashing tires is considered a felony depending on the value of the damage done. That’s also the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony in most states.
For example, if someone slashed only one tire and the replacement value (to the previous state or to a brand new one) is a few hundred dollars (or less), it is likely considered a misdemeanor. If all four tires are fully destroyed, and the worth of the tires as determined by an expert exceeds $1000+, the charge is likely to be a felony.
The amount of damage required to elevate a misdemeanor to a felony varies by state, so be sure to look up what that amount might be where you live!
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