Is silver used in electric cars?

I know that a lot of precious, heavy metals like Cobalt, are used in electric car parts. But is silver used in electric cars?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Great question! Yes—silver is an essential part of electric car parts, as well as in manufacturing solar panels.
The reasoning behind using silver in the
EV manufacturing process
has to do with some of the chemical properties of this metal. Silver has a very high corrosion resistance (important for battery making, which involves the use of corrosive acids), and is also a stellar conductor of electricity.
Some interesting facts behind the use of silver in electric car manufacturing include the following:
  • Car manufacturers use up to 55 million ounces of silver per year (that’s over 3 million pounds!)
  • It’s estimated that hybrid vehicles use anywhere between 18-34 grams of silver per vehicle
  • EVs need up to 25-50 grams for each vehicle
  • Some of the key features in EVs that require silver for conducting purposes include an EV’s infotainment system, electric power steering, and even safety features such as automatic braking, and airbags
The renewable energy industry might even affect the price of silver as demand increases. It’s predicted that there will be over 120 million EVs on our national highways by the year 2030**,** which means that carmarkers will start becoming more conscious of the way that they use silver in manufacturing, which is already happening to a certain extent.
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