How to prolong a car battery's life?

How can I prolong my car battery's life? My batteries keep dying for some reason. I want to make sure this one stays alive for as long as possible.

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A dead car battery is hard to live with, so prolonging its life is a great way to maintain your car!
You can prolong your car battery’s life by checking it regularly and cutting out some bad habits. Try using these tips to extend your battery’s life for as long as possible:
  • Limit the number of short drives. When you drive a car, you’re also recharging its battery. Short drives don’t give your battery enough time to recharge, so you’re only draining it.
  • Make sure your battery is well-secured. Loose connections can mean you aren’t getting the most out of your charge. Plus, they can lead to burnt-out wires and internal damage!
  • Don’t use electronics when the engine is off. Since the engine recharges your battery, using electronics when you’re sitting in idle can drain your battery—potentially shortening its overall life.
  • Clean your battery often. It’s fairly common for corrosion to build up around your battery connection. If you let it build up for long enough, your battery could stop working altogether.
While these tips can help you prolong your battery’s life, you should also try keeping up with a
car maintenance schedule
. Your car has many moving parts. Sometimes, a single wonky piece can put a huge strain on your battery! Plus, regular maintenance can significantly lower your chances of breaking down.
If you’ve had battery problems in the past, you should consider getting roadside assistance with
. Jerry’s roadside assistance includes jump starts, lockout service, key replacement, and towing. With Jerry’s network of over 55,000 service providers, you always know you’re protected.
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