How much quieter are electric cars?

My roommate has a Nissan Leaf, and it’s so quiet that I can never hear her pull into the driveway! I really didn’t have any idea how quiet electric cars were until I heard this one. She even lets me drive it when I have plans. Pretty cool. How much quieter are electric cars than gas-powered ones?

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I hear you! Electric vehicles are stealthy beings and can sneak up on you sometimes! That’s why it’s important to be on alert in the city, especially when you’re crossing busy intersections.
Because electric cars lack an internal combustion engine, they are naturally much quieter. The only noise you’re likely to hear from these ninjas is the sound of the tires and any wind resistance. Here’s what we know about how much quieter electric cars are:
  • When compared with an internal combustion engine car (ICE), electric vehicles (EV) are **4-5 dB less noisy **when both are driven at low speeds.
  • Under 20 mph, ICE and EVs are so quiet, that it’s hard to notice too much of a difference. However, EVs _are _about 2-4 dB quieter than their gas-powered counterparts.
Now that you know your roommate is doing her part to minimize noise pollution and preserve the environment, make sure you both are well informed about the best car insurance on the market. Did you know most of us overpay for our policy every month?
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