How much does an electric Smart Car weigh?

In the parking lot the other day, I noticed the tiniest-looking car in a compact spot. My friend mentioned that it was a Smart Car, probably an EV. I’m wondering, how much does a vehicle like that weigh? It seemed smaller than my Camry, but I thought EVs were heavier than normal cars.

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Answer provided by
Jason Crosby
Answered on May 05, 2022
This might surprise you, but an electric Smart Car only weighs somewhere around 1500 lbs. It manages to have such a small curb weight because these cars have an incredibly small battery range. This means that their batteries don’t weigh 1,000 lbs or more, as they can in some EVs.
The advantage is that the electric Smart Car is a super-compact car to drive around town. Its disadvantage is that, because of its micro battery and electric motor, it comes with a range of only 58 miles, max. That means that, unless you’re planning on charging it every week, it probably can’t be used for extended trips without stopping every 60 miles or less.
These Smart Cars are cheap but fairly useless vehicles that don’t suit many people’s lifestyles. The perks of its small size, miniature aesthetic, and attractive base price between $16,000-$20,000 aren’t quite big enough draws to negate the car’s downsides. For that much money, you’re better off buying an electric golf cart, or a used Moke electric buggy.
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