How Much Electricity Does it Take to Charge a Tesla?

I was thinking about buying a Tesla, but I’m worried that it will cost just as much to charge it as filling the tank of a gas-powered car. How many watts will I need to charge a Tesla at my house?

Eric Schad · Answered on Dec 12, 2022
Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
A Tesla is a well-built electric vehicle that’s changing the automotive game. Yet even with its stellar reviews, understanding how Teslas charge and how much power they use is an important aspect of ownership.
Charging a Tesla is much cheaper than paying for gas. The national average of kWh is $0.13. You can estimate how much it will cost to charge your Tesla’s battery by multiplying $0.13 by the size of the battery.
For example, a Tesla Model X has a battery of 100 KW. That means you can expect to pay approximately $13 to charge your Tesla X. That said, batteries’ effectiveness depends, so you might see a range up to $16 for a 100 KW battery, but it’s still much cheaper than gas.
While the charging system of a Tesla is complex, comprehending basic knowledge can put this in perspective. Watts and voltage are the two most important factors in charging an electric vehicle’s battery.
  • Watts measure the electrical power equal to one amp under the pressure of one volt.
  • Volts measure energy potential from one device to another, much like an electric version of water pressure.
To address your question, you’re probably not thinking of watts. You’re thinking of kilowatt-hours or kWh. Kilowatt-hours are the measurement of 1,000 watts for one hour and this is the measurement you use to determine how much you will pay to charge your Tesla. Kilowatt-hours are also what you see on your power bill each month and determine how much you pay for your electricity.
Another factor you may want to consider is your home charger that’s measured in volts. A regular 110-volt wall outlet without any modifications can take as long as four days to charge your Tesla completely. But if you install the wall connector at 240 volts, you can charge your Tesla completely in around eight to 10 hours. Because of this variance, Tesla strongly recommends you install the wall connector in your home with the help of a licensed electrician.
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