How many Toyota T100s were made?

I saw a used T100 for sale on a local forum, and it was my first time seeing the model. I’ve been chatting back and forth with the seller, but I want to do some of my research before committing to a buy. How many T100 trucks were made?

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Released in 1993, the
Toyota T100
was a small but mighty pick-up that maximized mileage and comfort. During its five-year production run, over 141,000 models were produced. If that number feels surprisingly small to you, you’re not alone—compared to competitors like
, the Toyota T100 failed to see big sales.
Why? Here are a few of the T100’s flaws that led to its eventual discontinuation:
  • Lackluster engine performance: The T100 originally featured a 3.0-liter V6 engine capable of 150 horsepower—significantly less than that of similar V6 truck engines on the market. Future iterations of the T100 employed an even smaller 2.47-liter, inline-four engine, making engine performance unsurprisingly unimpressive.
  • Small stature: Despite its debut as Toyota’s first full-size pick-up, the T100 was hardly large enough to compete in the segment. Drivers were forced to choose between interior and cargo space, as standard iterations of the T100 featured a reasonable eight-by-four truck bed but just three seats. In T100s with extended cabs, bed space was reduced to six feet.
  • Inability to compete: Partially due to the factors above, the T100 failed to perform in the full-size segment—at least at the same level as its competitors. 1995 and 1996 saw the most T100 sales, with approximately 37,000 models sold each year—after which, the truck’s sales began to drop.
If you drive a T100 today, investing in
additional insurance coverage
is a good idea to offset the risks of owning a defunct vehicle.
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