How many gaskets are there in a car engine?

How many gaskets does my car engine have? I don’t know much about gaskets but I’ve been having some problems with my car lately and my friend said that she thinks I may have blown a gasket. If there aren't too many I’ll just check them all myself.

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There are typically four types of gaskets in your car engine. These types are:
  • The cylinder head gasket. This gasket is typically made of either copper and asbestos or steel and asbestos and prevents coolant and engine oil from leaking into the cylinders or out of the car.
  • The oil pan gasket. These are typically made of cork, synthetic rubber, or a fiber sheet core with a latex rubber coating. They function as a seal between the bottom of the oil pan and the engine block.
  • The two manifold gaskets. These are typically made of a metal encased asbestos or embossed steel. They function as part of the exhaust system and prevent air, oil, and coolant leaks by sealing off the gaps between the manifold and the engine.
  • The pump gasket. This type of gasket can be made from any number of different materials and seals the water pump and the engine block together.
A blown gasket can be incredibly dangerous, as gaskets prevent fluid leaks. If you think that you may have blown a gasket, or if you notice dripping liquid,
a warning light
, white smoke coming from the tailpipe, or coolant loss, call your mechanic right away to get the problem checked out.
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