How long can a snake survive being lost in a house?

I have a small pet Kenyan Sand Boa, and it’s lost in my house. He’s very docile—I’m not worried about him biting anyone. But he’s used to being fed and I’m not sure how long he’ll survive on his own. How long can a snake live if it’s lost in a house?

Patrick Price · Answered on Mar 04, 2022
Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Oh no! I hope he’s ok! Losing track of your pet is always stressful.
Fortunately, snakes can live a long time on their own. How long a snake can live lost in your house will depend on the exact species of the snake, the temperature and moisture in your house, and whether or not there are any mice around for it to feed on. Most snakes can live several months without food.
Pretty any snake can last 4-5 weeks without eating, and most can survive for two months. After two months, some species will begin to starve, but many can last much longer.
If there are any rodents or large insects for the snake to feed on, it will probably be alright for quite a long time - giving you the opportunity to find it!
You can usually find a lost snake by conducting a thorough search of the room they got lost in. The snake probably hasn’t wandered far, and odds are it’s still in the last room you saw it in. Try turning down the thermostat and setting up some heating lamps. Snakes like the warmth so it’ll be drawn out of hiding and toward the heat source.
Lowering the temperature a bit can be a good way to coax out your lost snake, but if it drops too much, it can be dangerous for your pet. Make sure that you are always able to keep your furnace and other appliances in good repair but purchasing good homeowners’ insurance.
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