How does electric car steering work?

A lot of things are different on an EV since the design of the car is different. How does electric car steering work?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
The design of EVs changes a lot about the vehicle, however, things like power steering are similar to the mechanism of modern traditional fuel vehicles. The system is dependent on the electric motor as opposed to a piston.
The traditional hydraulic steering system uses fluid pressure to add force to the front wheels and turn them. A hydraulic pump applies pressure to the fluid based on how hard or lightly you turn the wheel. This system draws energy from the engine even when you drive straight and aren’t turning, and over time the system parts need replacement.
Electric power steering on the other hand functions like your brain and nervous system. Electric power steering uses the vehicle’s electrical system to power sensors in the steering wheel and communicates it to the wheels.
When the driver spins the steering wheel, the sensors recognize how much effort is given by the driver, then a computer calculates and sends a signal to the wheels so they turn.
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