How do you program the key for a 2010 Scion TC?

I lost my backup key fob so I bought a replacement key online. Now that I have the fob, I can’t figure out how to program it to my Scion car. Can you tell me how to program a key fob for my 2010 Scion TC?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Sorry to hear that your backup key went missing! Fortunately, it is fairly easy to replace the fob for your
Scion Tc
as long as you still have a working key.
Here’s what you need to do:
  • Get in your car and lock then unlock the car doors.
  • Insert the key into the ignition within five seconds of locking and unlocking the doors. Pull it out. Reinsert the key and pull it out a second time.
  • Reinsert the key into the ignition—this time, do not remove it. Leave the key inserted.
  • Then, close and open your driver’s door. Repeat this step, closing and opening the door a second time.
  • Turn the ignition on and off again.
  • Once you’ve turned the ignition back off, take the key out of the ignition. At this point, you should hear the door locks cycle. This is your cue that the Scion is in programming mode.
  • Now, grab the key remote you want to program. Press and hold the unlock button down for 1.5 seconds.
  • Release the unlock button and immediately press down on the lock button, holding it down for two seconds.
  • You will hear the door locks cycle again—this is your sign that the key programming was successful.
  • Repeat the process of pressing the lock and unlock buttons if you have any other keys you want to be programmed.
  • When all your keys are programmed, open the driver’s door to disengage the car from programming mode. You’ve finished the process and your key will be programmed to your Scion TC.
If you’re missing the original key, then you will need to seek out a locksmith to cut your new key to fit your
Scion Tc
. However, be sure to thoroughly check your house for the original key before doing so—this can be a costly expense.
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