How do you program a key fob for a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I just bought a used Jeep Grand Cherokee but it only came with one key fob. I went ahead and bought a new key fob online, but I can’t figure out how to program it. Can I program the key fob for my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee without going to an auto mechanic?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
That’s a bummer your car only came with one fob! Fortunately, programming your key fob is an easy task you can do at home.
The steps for programming your new
key should only take two minutes before you’re good to go! There are two methods for programming your
Grand Cherokee
’s key fob.
Here’s a look at method one:
  • Start by getting in your car—make sure you have the new key fob and the original working key. You’ll need both keys to program the new fob
  • Holding the new fob, press the lock button five times. Do this quickly—there should be less than two seconds between each time you press the button
  • Next, press and hold down the unlock button for ten seconds
  • Meanwhile, before the ten seconds are up, press and hold the panic button down.
  • After the ten seconds have passed, let go of the unlock and panic buttons. You should now hear a chime sound within three seconds
  • Once you hear the chime sound, press and release the lock and unlock buttons at the same time
  • Next, press and release any button on the key fob. You should then hear a brief chime to signal that the programming has been successful
  • Once you hear this chime, turn off the ignition. You’ve successfully programmed the key for your
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
If the first method doesn’t work, there is a second way to program your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s key fob. Here’s a look at what’s needed for method two:
  • Get inside your car—like in method one, you’ll need the new key fob and the original working key to program the new fob. So make sure you grab both before getting started.
  • On the new fob, press and release the lock button fives times, allowing two-second intervals each time.
  • Next, turn your Jeep’s ignition on.
  • Once the ignition is on, press on the unlock button and hold it down for ten seconds.
  • Next, simultaneously press and hold both the unlock and panic button—you should hear a chime within three seconds. Release the unlock and panic button upon hearing the chime.
  • Press any button on the key fob and hold it until you hear the chime again.
  • Your fob is now programmed to your Jeep Grand Cherokee—turn off the ignition to leave programming mode.
  • If you need to program additional key fobs, repeat this process from the beginning for each one.
If you go through both processes and are still having trouble getting your new key fob programmed, don’t be shy to visit an auto mechanic or Jeep dealer to help you out. Know that this can cost $150-$300. Depending on whether you have towing and labor coverage as part of your insurance, part of this service cost may be covered.
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