How do I turn off the tire pressure light on a Ford C-Max?

I just got two of the tires changed on my Ford C-Max. I was told I need to reset the tire pressure light. It hasn’t turned off even though the tire pressure is now correct. How can I turn off the tire pressure light on a Ford C-Max?

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Great question! This little issue throws a lot of
owners for a loop. It’s true that every time you get a new tire or have your tire pressure adjusted, you’ll need to reset your tire pressure light. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to do on a
Ford C-Max
once you learn.
Assuming that you have the American model of the C-Max, here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • Drive at about 20mph for a little while–at least two minutes.
  • Park your car and turn off the engine.
  • Turn the ignition to ON, but don’t start the engine. For push-button ignitions, press the START/STOP button once while not touching either of the pedals.
  • Within a 10-second window, turn your Ford’s hazards lights on and then off three times. If you do it correctly, the horn will sound.
  • Activate the TPMS sensor by removing the valve cap on the tire. Then increase/decrease the tire’s pressure.
  • When the horn sounds again, the air pressure is correct, and you can stop changing it–do this for every tire.
  • When you’ve finished, you’ll hear the horn again.
  • When you’ve completed each tire, turn the car completely off.
  • The TIRE LEARNING light will turn off, and the reset will be complete.
And that’s it! The Tire Pressure light for your Ford C-Max will turn off, and you’ll be good to go!
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