How do I tune a car for drifting in Forza 3?

I love straightaways and whipping around hairpin turns, and while my actual job does involve driving, I can’t quite take those liberties while I’m on the clock (I drive a hearse). Anyways, I like to get my driving kicks by playing video games, so I wanted to ask… How do I tune a car for drifting in Forza 3?

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Well, color me relieved that you keep your racing confined to video games and stick to the rules of the road while driving the hearse—a prudent course of action, no doubt.
As for your Forza 3 activities, I’m glad you asked. To tune a car for drifting in
, you’ll need to adjust your suspension and anti-roll bar (ARB), set the right amount of horsepower, determine the proper amount of toe angle out front and in the rear, and set both acceleration and deceleration differentials.
Let’s use the Mazda RX-7 as an example:
  • Start by adjusting your suspension and ARB setup to about 50/50. The anti-roll bars control how far the vehicle will lean into a corner, so you’ll want the front and rear stiffness to be a bit different as it affects the load on each tire when cornering.
  • Adjust your horsepower to around 300.
  • Adjust your toe angle (or the direction that the tires point, in or out) to +0.5 degrees on the rear tires and +0.3 degrees on the front.
  • Set your acceleration differential to 75% and your deceleration to about 15%.
If you’re not noticing the amount of drift you’d like, try fiddling with the ARB—go slightly stiffer in the rear (approximately 15 set) than in the front (approximately 18-20 set) and make the rear springs slightly softer than those in the front.
Of course, how you control your throttle will also affect the quality of your drifts. So play around with your technique.
Even if you’re not drifting while driving your regular car, you want to make sure you protect it with a robust
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