How do I open the gas tank on a 2001 Toyota Avalon?

I was on a date last night, and everything was going great until I stopped for gas—I had a tough time opening the gas tank on the 2001 Toyota Avalon I just bought. After cutting my losses and heading back to the car (without gas), I made something up about the gas station running out of gas. Marjorie asked about all the other cars being filled up, to which I replied “they’re obviously not very smart” and then laughed nervously (I think she bought it). I drove her home on fumes as we sat in silence. Strangely, I haven’t heard from her since. Anyways, how do I open the gas tank on a 2001 Toyota Avalon?

Jason Tushinski · Answered on Jan 20, 2023
Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Rest assured, your 2001 Toyota Avalon won’t ruin your next date—just press on the right side of your Avalon’s fuel filler panel, and it will pop open, as it is spring-loaded.
We here at Jerry do understand how frustrating it can be if you don’t realize that your fuel filler panel is spring loaded—after all, there’s no finger indent to open the tank, no lever or button inside the car, no nothing! But rest assured, popping the 2001 Avalon’s gas tank is easy, so just follow these steps:
  • First, take a deep breath—you’ve got this
  • Now, exit the vehicle—and do so proudly
  • On the driver’s rear side, press your fingers onto the right side of the fuel filler cap—and throw in a not-at-all-surreptitious wink towards your crush in the passenger seat
  • The fuel filler panel will pop open, and your crush will likely be thinking “he really does look like a poor man’s Lee Iaccoca”
  • Refill your Avalon and when you’re done, close the fuel filler cap by pressing on the same spot
Now, all there is to do is drive your date home confidently—no fuel filler panel can shake you off your game!
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