How do I keep gnats out of my garden?

I finally moved to a home that has a garden I can plant outside in. I’m enamored with everything about this garden…except the gnats. For some reason, these stupid gnats (and their disgusting maggots) are appearing everywhere! It’s maddening. How do I keep gnats out of my garden?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Once the gnats descend on a garden, a very maddening war breaks out indeed. We don’t want you to lose your enthusiasm for your new home to a bunch of no-good gnats! So here are a few tips on how to keep the gnats out of the garden:
  • Top your soil with a thin layer of sand—gnats crave moisture so this can discourage them
  • Water less—this may seem counterproductive, but if your plants can handle longer periods without water, this will help keep the soil dryer (and more off-putting to gnats)
  • Hang gnat traps (or fly paper) around the garden
  • Remove any moist material or plant material that you can from the garden area (compost bins, pet water bowls, plant trimmings etc.)
  • Install electric or flame torches around the garden (to kill the gnats)
You can also use pesticide on your plants as a last resort—just keep in mind that this might be damaging to your plants and to other helpful insects like ladybugs and bees.
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