How do I install LED lights on my car exterior?

How do I install LED lights under my car? The holidays are coming up and I want to deck out my car for my kids.

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
What a cool parent! I’m sure your kids will love it. The process of installing LED lights on your car’s exterior is surprisingly simple. Most LED car strip light packages already come with everything you need!
But before you start, be sure to first check under your vehicle for enough space to safely and neatly attach the LED strips. Look for:
  • Brackets
  • Bolts
  • Small openings
Once it is confirmed your vehicle has enough space, make sure you have the following materials:
  • LED strip lights
  • Zip ties
  • Double-sided tape
  • Extension wires
  • Wire cutter
Now let’s get to the fun part!
  1. Begin by placing the strip underneath your car, then securely attaching it with zip ties. Use zip ties for every 12 inches of the strip light to attach it to your vehicle. You could also use double-sided tape for extra hold.
  2. Route the four wires up to the engine bay and connect them to the module box. If the wiring on the rear bumper is not long enough to connect to the front, use the extension wires that come with the standard LED strip package.
  3. From the module box, attach the red wire to your car battery’s positive and the black wire to the car battery’s negative.
  4. Place the module box close to the car battery but away from the engine. Also, make sure the location is dry at all times.
And there you go—you can now cruise away in your sweet new ride!
But before you drive off into the colorful sunset, keep in mind that insurance companies do not cover damage done to car modifications—including LED lights (sadly).
If you’re curious about what your insurance does cover and how vehicle modifications can impact that, then download the
app. Jerry’s friendly agents are here to answer your questions and provide advice on the best coverage options. And you can text them directly through the app.
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