How do I get insurance for a house with a subsidence history?

Answered by Home Insurance, Car Insurance Expert Shannon on April 8, 2021

"The house I'm buying had subsidence issues a few years ago, but it's been properly repaired and underpinned so there shouldn't be any problems going forward. When I tell insurance companies about the subsidence while getting quotes, they get spooked and refuse to provide coverage. How do I get insurance in this situation? "

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Home Insurance, Car Insurance Expert

“It can feel very overwhelming when an insurance company denies you coverage, but there are some things that you can try in this situation. For example, there may be other homes in the immediate neighborhood that have also had subsidence issues. You can talk to your neighbors to see what agent or insurance company they use or have used, or your realtor may be familiar with carriers for that area.

You can also ask your agent what repairs or actions need to be taken in order for the house to be considered insurable. In this case, it sounds like the situation has been remedied, so any paperwork showing proof of repairs would be necessary.

If this fails, you should contact your state’s Department of Insurance, as they should be able to provide further assistance. “

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