How do I fix my car's interior paint that's peeling?

After almost a decade, the interior paint in my 2011 Subaru is peeling. How can I fix this myself?

You can repair your car’s interior peeling at home!
All you need is a few supplies and an hour to work.
Your insurance probably won’t cover this type of wear-and-tear, so it’s best to try to fix it yourself!
Make sure you have sandpaper, spray primer, and dye that matches the color of the damaged piece.
  1. You will want to remove the damaged piece, if possible. Doing the repair outside of the vehicle will give you the best results. Once you’ve removed the peeling piece, sand it down until the rubberized surface is removed.
  2. Once it has been completely sanded, apply primer using the spray bottle. You will need to apply multiple light coats. Let the primer dry for twenty minutes before doing the next step.
  3. Once dry, use wet sandpaper to smooth and even the primer. Be sure to only apply light pressure.
  4. Finally, apply multiple coats of dye so the piece matches the rest of the car. Use a vacuum to speed up drying time between coats of dye.
  5. Replace the piece, and your car should be good as new!
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Rachel Juillerat
Answered on Aug 20, 2021
Rachel Juillerat has her Master's in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College. You can view her work in the Independent, Cupid's Pulse, and the Penmen Review. She has worked in personal finance for five years before transitioning to insurance. She lives in Boston, where she spends her time exploring small New England towns, learning new skills, and napping through her cat's zoomies.

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