How do I draw a car in two-point perspective?

I like to draw the neighborhoods in my city but I always dread seeing a car parked in the street. Even if I can draw buildings and people in perspective, I can’t seem to get the cars right. How can you draw cars using two-point perspective?

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I wish I could see the drawings of your neighborhood! Cars can date your drawing as certainly as architecture or fashion can—when viewers see a
Tesla Model X
on the street, they’ll instantly get nostalgic for the 2020s.
If you can draw a building in two-point perspective, you can draw a car with some practice. Here are the steps:
  • Identify the horizon and two perspective points in your drawing. Draw a rectangular box to represent the car’s body (not including the cab) and identify the center, then subdivide the long side further into eight rectangles. You can find the center of any rectangular plane by drawing a pair of diagonal lines connecting each corner, which places an ‘X’ on the center.
  • In general, the first set of wheels occupies the third rectangle from the front of the car, while the rear wheels are in the second rectangle from the back. You can turn a rectangle into an ellipse in perspective by drawing a circle that touches the center of each of its four sides. Check the proportions at this stage to see that the wheel placement looks right.
  • It’s time to add the details. A boxy car like the
    Jeep Compass
    will be easier to draw than a svelte Audi coupe, but just take it one shape at a time. Add the cab, windows, sloped hood, and trunk before moving onto finer details like the grille, headlights, mirrors, and wheel spokes.
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