How can you avoid highway hypnosis?

A senior at my high school was in a major car accident last week and I heard the teachers saying it was highway hypnosis. She’s going to be alright, thankfully, but now I’m nervous. How do you avoid highway hypnosis?

Pat Roache · Answered on Sep 30, 2022
Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Highway hypnosis is a scary phenomenon when a driver becomes transfixed by the passing road or goes into an unfocused autopilot state. Fortunately, there are several different ways to avoid highway hypnosis.
Here are a few options to try out so you can figure out what works for you:
  • Regularly switch up your route, if possible.
  • Keep a snack or caffeinated beverage nearby to dip into for a little nourishment.
  • Talk (either to your passengers or yourself) or sing along to the radio.
  • Listen to different, stimulating music or podcasts—but nothing too calming that could lull you to sleep!
  • Pull over and take a break on longer stretches of road.
Essentially, you should find something to keep your mind and senses stimulated if you feel highway hypnosis coming on. Just don’t get too distracted—as this could also inhibit safe highway driving!
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