How can I reduce my car’s engine noise?

I’ve had my Range Rover for a couple of years now and it's always had kind of a loud engine, but I’m starting to notice the noise a lot more. Are there any ways I can reduce the engine noise from my car?

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Engine noise can definitely be distracting and irritating! To reduce your car’s engine noise, you should firstly ensure that it’s not a mechanical issue.
A good way to gauge if the noise in your engine is related to a mechanical issue is if the
check engine light
comes on. If you see this indicator, it’s probably time to go see a mechanic—they’ll be able to diagnose the issue properly, and might end up saving you money in the long run!
If it ends up not being a mechanical issue, you can move on to soundproofing the cabin. Soundproofing materials provide an effective way to reduce the amount of noise you hear from inside the cabin, and most soundproofing procedures can be done on your own. The following techniques are simple ways for you to get started:
  • Apply sound deadening car mats
  • Use foam sound deadening sprays
  • Update or replace worn rubber door seals
  • Consult a professional about installing a rubber undercoating
  • Check your tires for uneven wear
Remember to always use protective gear when working with hardware and/or chemicals, and keep any little ones or pets away from the area.
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Best of luck, and hope everything is running smoothly!
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