How can I avoid having my car towed?

I don't have roadside assistance or towing coverage. I also know I couldn't afford to get my vehicle out of an impound lot, so I'm constantly anxious about potential breakdowns. How can I avoid getting my car towed?

“Getting your car towed and impounded is something every car owner dreads—but there are ways to avoid it!
One of the best ways to avoid a tow is to make sure you always look at where you are parking. Parking violations are the most common reason why your vehicle could be towed. Parking in a restricted lot, a no parking zone, or having another parking violation could result in a tow.
If you have an excessive amount of unpaid parking tickets, the traffic authority in your city could also boot or tow your vehicle. You’d be required to pay an impound fee plus your unpaid parking tickets to release your vehicle.
To prevent the need for towing in any other situation, you may want to consider adding roadside assistance or towing to your car insurance policy.
Typically adding towing and labor coverage or roadside assistance to your insurance will only raise your by a few dollars a month and it ensures you won’t have to pay out of pocket if your vehicle is in an accident or breaks down. Without it, you’d be responsible for getting your vehicle to a repair shop or your home.
If you want to look into affordable roadside assistance, Jerry has you covered! Our roadside assistance package covers everything from towing to jumpstarting to Uber credits—and covering one vehicle is only $6.99! With Jerry, you’ll be able to drive safely, knowing you’ve got fantastic roadside assistance for the best price possible.”
Emily Maracle
Answered on Sep 10, 2021
Emily Maracle is a car insurance specialist living in New York. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she has a degree in English Literature and a background in customer service. She enjoys cooking, gardening, and living sustainably. In the future, she can't wait to upgrade to a hybrid or electric car.

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