How can I add coolant to a 2008 BMW 328I?

Recently, I’ve noticed this strange grinding noise coming from my engine. My sister tells me I might be able to top up my car’s coolant levels to get rid of it. How can I add coolant to my BMW 328I and stop that weird noise?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
A strange grinding noise could be any number of things, and you should probably have your
BMW 328I
checked out by a professional. However, one of those things could be low coolant, so your sister was not wrong in recommending you add coolant.
To add coolant to your 2008 BMW 328I, follow these quick instructions:
  1. Bring your car to a well-ventilated area and put on safety gloves and goggles.
  2. Buy a bottle of coolant based on your manufacturer’s specifications and get a funnel.
  3. Find the coolant reservoir under your hood. Do not touch anything under the hood if you have just driven your car and it is hot.
  4. Push down on the cap as you turn it counterclockwise.
  5. Once the cap is open, you should see a brightly colored level float. Somewhere on the coolant reservoir is a diagram indicating the level float’s position if the reservoir is properly filled.
  6. Place the funnel in the reservoir but leave enough space to see the level float as you pour.
  7. Begin adding coolant until the float reaches the proper height as shown on the diagram.
  8. Take the funnel out of the reservoir carefully and replace the cap.
Hopefully, adding coolant has fixed the issue with your vehicle. If it has not, be sure to take your car to a mechanic for proper diagnostics. Until then, be sure to check out the
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