Does mileage matter for electric cars?

I’m considering purchasing an EV car used. When buying a used gas-powered car, mileage is often an indicator of wear and tear. Does mileage matter for electric cars as well?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Buying an electric car used is a great idea! Yes, mileage does matter on an electric car though not as much as on a traditional gas-powered vehicle.
Mileage is an indicator of how much the car has been used, so lower milage cars mean the car is useable, but it’s still relatively “new”. The more a car is driven, the more wear and tear its internal parts endure. Internal combustion vehicles have a lot more internal parts in order for the car to function properly.
EVs have fewer internal components to contend with when they drive and as a result of this one of the major benefits of EVs is the reduced maintenance costs.
electric vehicles
may not have an engine, a muffler, etc., they do have tires, a motor, suspension, and a braking system which will eventually need repair after a while of use.
With less driving range, electric cars may not rack up as many miles as your traditional car. High mileage on an EV is an indicator that the battery was frequently charged so be sure to check up on the health of the battery before purchasing. EV batteries are made to last a while, but not forever.
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