Are Acuras luxury cars?

I’m in the market for a luxury car and a friend said I should look into Acuras. I know they’re nice cars, but I’ve never really associated them with luxury brands. Would Acuras typically be considered luxury cars?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
If you were to ask
if they’re a luxury brand, the answer would be yes. But public perception of Acuras typically classifies them as a premium brand, not a luxury brand. That said, here are some features that support Acuras being luxury cars:
  • All wheel drive handling
  • Advanced interfaces
  • Soft leather seats
  • Substantial seat space
  • V6 engines
While those features make Acuras comfortable and powerful, they aren’t that big a step up from an average
. In fact, Hondas have a higher reliability rating and the difference in horsepower is almost negligible.
In short, Acuras are technically luxury vehicles, but they’re typically more closely associated with brands like Volvo or Audi. They’re all high-performance vehicles, but they don’t quite fall into the luxury category.
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